Well , love is in the air once again whether you like it or not - red hearts, red roses and teddies with the request " be my valentine" adorn shop windows.
Culture police is getting active in some cities to protest this "assault" on our culture.

Tv channels and newspapers are stopping people on their way to their business demanding their opinion on whether V day should be celebrated. No one has ever asked for my opinion on such important issues so I decided to use this space to air my opinion.(All those India today polls on such important issues like religion, education, sex, government, corruption one has ever asked me or anyone known to me. Who is responding to these?? Why am I not included in the sample????!!!)

Anyway coming back to the main issue, should Valentine's day be celebrated?
I believe anything that increases the general happiness quotient among humanity is to be welcomed even if it is just the gift shop owners ROTFL on the way to the bank - I welcome it. If there are more people, young and old , feeling happy today because of feeling loved and feeling special or simply because of receiving gifts, it is totally welcome.

Is anyone listening?I am all for Valentine's day, the cards, the celebrations and yeah the gifts too....but not those red hearts please I find the sight of human organs slightly troubling. I feel nausea and no love when I see a red heart.What next? kidneys and intestines? Please don't mind, i'll pass those.... I'd rather stick with wine and chocolates and cards and music ( That was just in case anyone was wondering how to make me feel special!! I feel particularly special with a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape or Inniskillin Ice wine..)I hope there is no age limit for celebrating this "festival"??! I have been told that I will be "18 till I die", so don't let my age deter you.

Happy Valentine's day to those who think it is important and for those who don't
a happy feb 14th -hope you have a great day!

P.s: This is a post I wrote for valentine's day last year. My views remain the same and my readers have changed so I reposted it so as not to let this important day go unposted!!
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20 Responses
  1. GuNs Says:

    I agree with each word in that post. THAT is the best way to look at these things. Anything that makes people forget their fears/troubles/sorrow for a while and makes them laugh is welcome. Maybe its a Govinda movie, maybe its Valentines Day, maybe its Christmas, maybe its faith in God, maybe its a little idol/photo of your God/your loved ones in your house/bag/wallet.


  2. Happy Valentine day to you Usha! Hope you get to have your favorite wine as a gift this day :) and get to spend it with your loved ones and it remains a beautiful memory for you.
    I Agree with you when you say that anything that increases the quotient of human happiness is good - You are perfectly right - in this busy world where we have no time for one another, if having a day named 'Valentine' forces all those work-a-holics to take some time off to spend with loved ones - then yes the purpose of the day is well deserved!

  3. S! Says:

    To the extent that a festivity & happiness corelate, I agree. You're absolutely right.

    A festivity is, however, not just about happiness. That way we could keep celebrating this day or that day each day. And may be we should, I don't know. But we do not.

    I've certain other thoughts on the topic but that'd be straying from your lovely post.

    I've no idea what D day is, but I hope you enjoy it. And V day, too.


  4. Usha Says:

    To happiness!
    And S! I am disappointed that you are not aware that my exams are on 1st, 3rd and 4th and those are the D-days (I am very hurt captain!! hehe..)

  5. Usha,
    Happy V-day to you too. Like I wrote on someone else's blog...we usuallly celebrate this time of the yr not particularly because of V-day but hubby and I met for the first time on 15th 10 yrs ago....but hey I don't mind the rest of the world celebrating with us as well :)

  6. passerby55 Says:

    HEllo Usha,

    Lol. Its D-day here too.

    "YOu cannot do anything at the last moment. If you had studied seriously, in a proper disciplined manner, You would have never thought of calling It A D-day. ANd blah blah" ...

    These are my routine words for a past few days . son is fed up with this lecture..... I hope you were not!

    All the best Usha. DOn't worry. everyone is sailing in the same boat.


  7. Artnavy Says:

    OMG- the last 2 lines of my recent post almost echo your sentiments on V day

    as they say great minds think alike
    and PL do not cite the opposite proverb

    let us toast to that!

  8. Chitra Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hip Grandma Says:

    Happy Valentine's day Usha and all the best for you D day too.We had an experience in college that made me want to cross over to shiv sena and Bajrang Dal.That the concept of enjoying a day set apart for celebrating love can be twisted out of shape is something that I hadn't expected.booklets with double meaning texts were siezed from students in our college and our dhobi's son bought one of these for 30 rupees when it was not worth Rs.3/-.To top it he doesn't even understand english.I wonder if I am over reacting?There are people exploiting young minds for their selfish ends.We need to be cautious.

  10. Chitra Says:

    Happy V day, Usha! Celebrate romance, one must, not just on V day, but all year through! Yes, I am a HUGE sucker for romance. However, I hate the commercialization of it. On Feb 14th, I usually take the opportunity to tell my hub how much he means to me in a few lines (email or ecard.) No gifts, etc. And I don't even want gifts for myself. The thought alone will do. :)

    Best of luck for your D-days!

  11. hey usha - missed many of ur posts was v busy at work
    loved ur post on the names of animals.. i know of dogs named diesel, pluto, brandy, whiskey, rakhi (yuck), black dog called gori (fair), chotu (eesh)

  12. Usha Says:

    Guns:Ya all harmless pursuits of happiness are welcome.

    Vidhya:heheh...we predate V day generation. That post was more an outsider's comment.

    Orchid:Wow, I didnt know that is why so many people are celebrating this. This is Huge!

    Passerby: You said exactly what I have been telling myself these past few days...if only, proper and disciplined........mmmmmmmmm.
    Thank you for the wishes passer.

    Artnavy: oh yes, let us toast..have you got the chateau neuf? :)

    Hipgran: Thats sad..Mine was a tongue in cheek post on all the hoohaa about this V day although anything that makes people hyappy is welcome. I am really sorry to hear this is what goes under the name of V day!!

    Chitra: That is how it must be in stead of assigning one day for it and then making it an excuse for the kind of activities hipgran talks about in hger comment.
    My whole post was a big joke on the day.

    ITW:And that paid off too as I remember - congratulations again.
    Diesel? Rakhi?? hehehhe

  13. Loved this post, Ush! Completely agree!

    And Hahahahaha!! You're too funny! :)

  14. Nice post, and nice template -- stick to it for some time :)

  15. Inder Says:

    true. any step towards happiness and joy is worth welcoming provided one's happiness doesn't hurt others. we cannot help the moral-polices proclaiming that they are hurt seeing the v-day celebrations spoiling their culture and tradition. but, the 'desperate' guys running behind girls with gifts on the v-day, though hilarious, becomes irritating after a point.

  16. Mahadevan Says:

    Any thing or activity that adds to human happiness is welcome. (greatest happiness of the greatest number - the utilitarian philosophy). At the same time, don't you find exploitation in the name of a celebration? Innocent girls are subjected to humiliation by a few masquerading rogues and traders tantalising the young ones with their wares. In the same breathe I also denounce the moral policing the purpose of which is to score a point over political opponents.

  17. Fuzzylogic Says:

    This was indeed such a fresh way of looking at V day,I guess in a way its true,maybe days celebrated in love are way more better than time spent in violence and hatred anyday.Love to me is to celebrated everyday and I don't have much against the day as such but the pure commercializm of the whole thing takes the air out of its sails to me.It feels forced and like a sham.By the way Usha ,is it ok if I blogrollyou?

  18. Sigma Says:

    Happy Valentine's Day (well, belated ;-) ).
    A very nice, very amusing post. I appreciate, and second your view - if feeling special, receiving gifts etc makes someone happy, let them bask in the warmth.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Would like to share these words (possibly by Sri Sri RaviShankar):
    Abiding in the Self, you become the Valentine for the whole world.

    Spirit is the valentine of matter and matter is the valentine of the Spirit. They are made for each other. They uphold each other.

    If you hold onto matter and do not respect the spirit then matter is not pleased. If you honour the spirit then you will care for the world, and when you care for the world, it will take care of you.

    I am the valentine of the whole world and I reside in every heart. If you are my valentine you will see me everywhere.

    Have the same love for everyone, with different flavours. You cannot behave the same way with everyone, but you can love all of them. Love transcends behaviour and etiquette.


  20. Usha Says:

    Vaish: heheheheh. remember the pink candles and hearts in the cafe at AF and how we got so put off!!

    BGhosh:Thanks...Hahah..shows you haven't been here for a while. it is already time for a template change!

    Inder:Ya we need not assign days for telling someone we love them.It seems to me the desperate ones who try to capitalise on the mood of the day.

    Mahadevan:I agree it is an invention by the traders to sell their wares led by Hallmark and Archies.Ya the same political parties which denounce this custoim as alien celebrate birthdays with cake and champagne bottles!!

    Fuzzy:It is a creation of commercial enterprise and it will continue to be. You can go ahead and blogroll, thank you. I will check out your blog soon.:)

    Sigma: Ya, small pleasures. Why deny people these if they feel love through such external manifestations.

    Bala:Yes. I read it too. Very well put.