A few days ago we had a discussion in this space on zoos, circuses and bullfights. Researching for more material I came across this disturbing video and write up here and here.

As for fights using animals it is another horror story - read about it here.
Please visit PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) to learn about the cruelties inflicted on animals for the amusement of humans.
As the banner line on one of the sites says:
"Please say "No" because Animals cant!"

As you come out of the Bannerghatta national park in Bangalore there is an enclosure which says: The most dangerous animal.You step in and you see yourself a mirror.May be it is true.
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  1. gud collection

  2. GuNs Says:

    I read "The Life Of Pi" recently. It attempts to put forth the zookeeper's viewpoint. Makes an interesting read, not to mention an interesting topic for debate too.

    I also remember a few years ago the government banned (or planned to ban) animals from circuses. The local newpaper carried interviews of some circus artistes who were in the city. They spoke about how hard a life they lead and if the animals were banned, they would all starve and the entire circus industry would probably go kapoot. These utterly talented individuals who have put in a life of dedication and hardship to be circus performers needed a better deal than that, I felt.

    Besides, the people at the zoo said that it is stupid to think they'd abuse their animals because unfortunately if any of the animals is diseased or killed, they suffer huge losses themselves. Most of them loved their animals like people love their pets.


  3. Artnavy Says:

    the bannergahta sign board is thought provoking

    tagged but itchy did it first

  4. Usha Says:

    Guns: But did you check the PETA site and the video? They could not get away with lies as they'd be sued!

    Itw/art: did it too..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Absolutely true it is.. I believe in it!
    Btw, PETA has some cool banners to put on our blogs, but I guess its not free.... I wanted to put them on... somehow slipped from my mind!
    Thanks for reminding now! :)

  6. GuNs Says:

    Wonder wonder why nobody has sued PETA yet. Maybe nonbody has time to do so or maybe its taboo to take on an organization that is "supposedly" a do-gooder for this planet.

    Kids killed by stray dogs in Bangalore last week. PETA is STILL opposed to the municipality killing these dogs. When will those idiots understand that the urban jungle IS NOT a natural habitat for the dogs and stray dogs are only a menace to the human and the other animal races (Ever seen poor cows mauled by stray dogs? I have).

    I dont believe a word of what PETA says unless they come up with something statistics and documented proof to prove how they have helped conserve the near-extinct species of the Indian Tiger.