Most bloggers write in order to be read. When I started my blog, I had all of 6 readers and since the comment feature was not available then, they would respond to my post via email. And if I didnt hear from them 2 days after posting, I would forward the post by email and make sure that they read it! I never felt any sense of impropriety about it because I wanted their opinion on things I was writing about -I wanted their point of view. It just seemed like an online forum among friends. Then the comments feature came in and once in a way someone totally unknown would drop by and share their input and slowly a nice group of blog buddies started developing. - people who you know only through their blogs and their comments on yours; but how does their appearance matter when you know their souls through their writings? Perhaps these are people you will never meet but will always count among your friends. The wonder of Internet.

The purpose of this post is to carry forward a meme whereby each blogger identifies a few blogs which do not get as much readership as they deserve.
Bombay diaries has traced the course of this link-love and it landed at my blog door via Shruthi who was so kind as to mention me in her post. Since the best way to say thanks for such thoughtful acts is to carry forward the goodness, I decided to identify the bloggers who I feel don't get as much readership as they deserve.Ideally of course, I would actually like to list all the bloggers on my blogroute as they all write on such varied topics and deserve to be read. Scanning through the list, I saw that some of you have a good readership and some post very infrequently. So I am choosing just 5 from the list for specific mention:

Chennai Living: Ram Viswanathan writes on a variety of topics from travelogues to politics to tips to non-residents on issues involved in R2I( return to india).. He is very mature and balanced and extremely well informed on technology related issues.

The Rationalfool: Rational to the core and hardly a fool, he touches on social, political and scientific issues of great relevance. Very well researched and well written with links that lead you to interesting information and knowledge.

Mahadevan: I like the relaxed way in which he leads us down the lanes of a bygone era be it while drawing portraits of simple folk or while talking about the irani hotels of Mumbai.

Hiphopgrandmom: This college teacher is naturally worried about issues relating to youth and education and is always there with a positive post - nice pepper rasam for the soul. The mom and grandmom side of her touches on the social aspects relating to women and children. She spins beautiful posts based on her experience as a mom, teacher and an intelligent woman.

Hermitchords:I found him just 2 days ago and have been floored by his writing, his style, the use of words and the flow of thoughts.

Like I said before I'd like you to read all the bloggers on my link and if any of you feel like carrying forward this link-love, please do so on your blogs.

And my original 6 readers, where are you? I here by choose my own blog as my recommendation for you to read and if I don't hear from you in the next week, every one of the posts will be delivered to your mailbox, multiple times until you respond!!!
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15 Responses
  1. Shiv Says:

    Oh Gud..will check these blogs...I liked tis particular line in ur post usha..

    but how does their appearance matter when you know their souls through their writings?

  2. passerby55 Says:

    I have read Rational Fool,Preeta(hipgrandmom) and Mahadevan. I fully agree with USha. They are a must read to every reader, blogger or otherwise here.They can write to make one understand and reflect.

    Chennailiving and Hermitchords I shall read these two blogger.

    USha,A good way to pass the good deed.After all it is friendship that makes the world go round.

  3. Artnavy Says:

    qrsfrThat is indeed a lovely gesture and is bound to increase readership

    To be referred by you - well that lends a lot of credibilty

    I anyway frequent HHgmom and Mahadevan( I miss his old blog which I think he lost?)

    The others I need to visit

    As far as visualising bloggers go- I often form a mind picture but it does not matter at all as I found out for myself when I met one in person...

  4. Ardra Says:

    Thanks for the links- a couple of them I hadn't visited. As for your blog, I'm a regular, loyal, faithful reader/fan :-)

  5. And linked - thank you very much Usha.

  6. Mahadevan Says:

    It it s sheer coincidence that when I posted two days back, the reasons asto why do I write, you have now come out with an article on some of the Bloggers and also how you started blogging.

    'Rationalfool' appeals to me intellectually. He has the rational approach of a Bertrand Russell. Hipgrandma writes with freshness on some of the socially relevant issues. Her vast teaching experience and matured age, add grace to her writing and she has an army of following.

  7. Prashanth M Says:

    Thanks for the link.. wil go through them. and was expecting this post after Shruthi linked you.

  8. GuNs Says:

    Hey, its a cool thing. You are an old hand at blogging !! No puns intended of course, its nice to hear about your experience about the nascent times of the blogging fraternity.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    That was a nice list and I am familiar with the writings of thr Rational fool and Mahadevan.I agree with you 100% on them.I'll surely read the rest.As for you ,you've introduced me to so many others and the assortment of topics you write about..Hat's off!!is all I can say= HHGM.

    I choose to comment as anonymous because my comments are not being published when i use my blogger ID

  10. rads Says:

    :( I didn't get a mention!! *sob sob*
    am kidding!!

    Nice idea though and hermit's new.. :)

  11. Usha Says:

    Hi: all the blogs on my side bar are my favourites. But I have seen each one of you in almost all other blogs. So I chose the less frequested ones where I have not seen a comment from any of you ( except of course HHGMOM). I hope you liked them.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I stumbled across this blog thru Vani's Blog, I just loved your blog and your energy. good to see great work going on here. I need to spend some more time here.

    I promise to be back soon!

  13. All wonderful links you could ever want in one place. This is wonderful. Thanks for this

  14. Usha
    Thanks for the plug.. much appreciated..