once upon a time, to be precise last saturday, I was on my routine round to ensure all was ok in the garden and guess what I found? This beautiful pot broken at the mouth. I know I toppled it while chasing a mouse there behind that pot this morning but who broke it? Oh god, all circumstances point to me although I know I am innocent as I always am.

"I've got to do something real quick. Mom will come around soon and she will spot it immediately and I then I will be in deep trouble."

"The broken piece must be around somewhere here. I will have to find it and put it back before she sees it. Aha, gotcha!"

"OOps! No luck, that doesn't sit. and worse it has fallen inside the pot! Mom is here and I am as good as dead! A life cut short so soon. adieux!"

"Or may be, if I bury my head inside the pot she won't find me! If i can't see her, she can't see me either, can she?"

"Yay, That worked. She went away after calling me a joker! Now I need some rest.

Phew, that was indeed close. But as they say where I come from, all is well that ends well.

And all of you there, thanks for dropping by. Have a great day! Try stretching on the grass if possible.Don't worry. Be happy. That is the secret of my energy!"