Every once in a way we have this conversation - me and my inner voice.
"Describe the woman you are " says the voice.
"Dark skin, black hair, medium height" I said one year
"You are describing your inheritence, not you" and it went away.
"Post graduate, banker and teacher" I started another year
"That's what you do for a living..." the voice trailed and vanished.
"Sensitive,shy and silly" I ventured last year.
"That is your face to the outside world. Who are you?" the irritated voice stomped away in a huff.
This morning it returned full of sarcasm - "Have you figured it out yet?"
"I am the voice of that unseen bird that touches your soul and flies away - a tune that stays in your memory and not a form that stays in your home. I do not want roots but wings so I am neither owned nor own. Like the Earth and Moon and Rain - I just want to be, not belong."
"Go and be that person for one day and then you can go behind the curtains of the dark skinned post graduate teacher. Happy Woman's Day!" said the voice hugging me in total joy!

Discover the woman you are and go and be that person today! Love yourself completely and without guilt and then you will see how much more you can love others.
Happy Women's day to all!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Completely agree that we should stop defining ourselves in relation to what we inherited or do for a living and more try to be the inner person we are.
    Happy Women's day Girl!

    (Been out of circulation for a while due to personal probs - will check out your other posts and comment at leisure.)

  2. Paavai Says:

    Happy Women's Day

    Thanks for the awesome words

  3. Deeps Says:

    Happy women's day to you too. But I believe each and every day is our day ;-) :-D.

  4. Shashi Iyer Says:

    :) very nice post. celebrate every day like this one!

  5. her Says:

    It all started like some discussion on Advaita and "Who am I?" and ended very charmingly..


    We women rock! \m/

  6. Alapana Says:

    Someone told me this today "I am happy to be on your blog ,but i am more excited to find a bloglink here named "Ushaji" and a post there made me think of my choices in life, Thankyou"

    The lines "I am the voice of that...."reminded me of a few lines i wrote for myself.......

    "I Flow with the wind,Sing with the birds around,Across the boarders, forgetting the boundaries,Catch me if you can,Before you try i slip off to the far off land. I have to catch that first drop of rain,I have to touch the first Ray of sun,I have to feel the smell of the freshly drenched Earth,i need to feel the softness of the first petal of the rose,I have to move on,I keep walking off to the far far away grounds.
    I am theWind,i am the rain,i am the first ray of sunshine,i am a part of this nature,I am the WOMEN"

    Thankyou for the wonderful lines "Discover the women......."
    Because they made me do something which i kept postponing from long time for now.BEING MYSELF.
    Will mail you soon:)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    a Very Happy womans day :)

  8. That was such a wonderful post, Usha. I hope that we learn to live everyday like that.

    Go ladies! :)

  9. Yeah, this post reminds me of Willie Nelson smoking too much pot and then forgetting what he performed on stage! Did you do LSD, or just plain ole pot? :D

  10. Beautiful people like Lioness should spend their time dating, and not waste their time writing comments to Usha's and other's blogs!

    - Ponkius Obnoxious Grandios Primos

  11. I will continue posting comments to this blog, to hold world record in posting maximum number of comments to a single post. 3 right now!

  12. People like Aplana, who write their blogs in Hindi, make (through their acts) themselves Biharis.

    Only Biharis write in Hindi; posh people use English, posher use Latin and the poshest use French (Bono is excluded!). 4#

  13. Usha, please ask those fools, who read your blog, to read Pinkas's blog, and learn what real wisdom is. 5#

  14. KRTY Says:

    "Discover the woman you are and go and be that person today!"

    Sounds good, but doesnt make sense, illaya ?

    This "Searching the inner-soul", "Being the real You".. they all somehow sound very artificial to me. I would have loved if you just said "Break Free".. :)

    apologies, if something hurts. no offence meant.

  15. daydreamer Says:

    Who am I? that does nt come on women's day alone. It pops out now and then when I face situations that go haywire and out of control. If i get to know the answer, i can always say i am not "this" to control the situation, and escape from reality. at times its best to have unanswered questions... illenna choice la vittudalaamaa.... enna sollreenga

  16. Usha Says:

    Sahana: Welcome back. Thanks and look forward to further mail.

    Paavai: Thank you for this and all the perspectives you bring to this blog all the time.

    deeps: Thanks and that is lovely to know!

    Sashi: Thank you.

    Lioness:Glad you liked it. Rock, we do -dont we?

    Alaap: Wow, that's a wonderfiul compliment. Thanks. I love those words of yours.Looking forward to your mail.

    Dubukku: Thanks

    Vaish: Only it takes a long time to shed all these roles and figure what essentially makes us happy and become that "happy woman".

    Pinchas -e -toiba: Targeted my site for suicide bombing!!
    Hey folks, Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez visit Pichas Hodi's blog. He actually has some great stuff there. He is not as mad as he seems - very well read and writes very well.

    Keerthi:Thanks for your comment.
    No offence taken in this space for any comment - as this is a free speech zone.( Proof: Pichas above!!)
    The idea is not just to break free, but to understand what you want to do when you break free - the answer can only come from within. And being the real you only means not to confine yourself into definitions of your roles, qualifications etc...Just a matter of semantics I guess. In the end we both mean the same..
    Or no?

    Daydreamer: I agree it keeps coming to you often ina certain stage of your life. But especially when people wish you a "Happy Woman's day" or a "happy Birthday", you tend to think of it more intensely and wonder "who is this Happy woman" or "who am I".
    The idea is to face up to facts and not run away from them . In the end, the truth will make us happier than the facade.
    Choice le vidaradu is what most of us do, most of the times!!

  17. Mahadevan Says:

    'Discover the woman you are and go and be that person today. Love yourself completely and without guilt and then you will see how much more you can love others'.

    Can one give a better message on this day ? This is the essence of what Life is all about. One of your finest posts. " No hungry generation can tread thee down". (Keats).

  18. "They say I am crazy. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am crazy. I am losing money." - Crazy Gideon

    "You don't buy from me? We both lose money. You buy from me, only I lose money." - Crazy Gideon

  19. Quoting Alpana: "

    Someone told me this today "I am happy .............. a post there made me think of my choices in life, Thankyou"

    Albert Camus: (sic) Life is the sum of choices we made.

    So is this "Someone" Camus?:O
    But then Camus died in 1960.

    ....And Bono was born in 1960. Could then Bono be Camus?

  20. Akila Says:

    I do not want roots but wings so I am neither owned nor own----- eggjactly!!!!!rightly said...

  21. Usha Says:

    Mahadevan: Thank you.

    Pinchas: you and your deductions. What no work in the lab these days or is it too much work??

    Akhila: ejjjjactlee...

  22. Visithra Says:

    bravo what a post ;)

  23. A.R.Malik Says:

    "I am the voice ... Like the Earth and Moon and Rain - I just want to be, not belong."

    Great stuff!

  24. Usha Says:

    Visithra , Abhilash: :) Thank you.

  25. Dhanya Says:

    WOW what a wonderful post.. Would have missed it if not for the tag..

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Wow ! such a wonderful post. got to read this through your tag post your wrote today!
    So true..!!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Do I do it!?
    I don't know! what I am for, what I should be and what I should write!