The other day someone raised an interesting question on what we think about houses which display the board "beware of Dogs" and houses with high walls and warnings for dogs. The general opinion was that such houses gave an impression of fierce privacy and a need to keep out people. They did not exude a sense of warmth or welcome. Apparently some people who do not even have a dog in the house just display the warning outside as a means to keep people away - well, I can actually sympathise with them after being assaulted by visits from innumerable sales people wanting to sell me things I do not want and service people offering to service equipment I do not own.

Being a dog lover myself, I had not thought about it this way at all. In fact every time I pass by a gate with the signboard, I always slow down and strain to take a look at the canine member of the house. Outside my own house I do not have a similar warning board for which I have been warned by many a courier delivery man, sundry vendors and repair people who are shocked by the sudden appearance of a canine and have gone near hysterical.Most dog lovers fail to see why guests to the house are terrified by something as harmless as their poor little canine baby. One person went to the extent of givng me a verbal legal notice because it was obligatory for people who keep animals to publicly notify the fact to the general public who may feel the need to open the gate to walk into the house. So you are damned either way. You don't display it and you are threatened with legal implications; you display it and you are accused of marking of your territory by proxy to keep out people.

A friend found a nice way to overcome the situation with a nice board with his pet's photo saying : "I belong to this family". Another nice board says " Watch out for pet." I liked the one which said "Beware of Dog, But don't trust the cat either!" But in a country where many people cannot read I think the best and acceptable sign is the one that has a photo of a dog and says nothing. Doesn't hurt the sentiments of the dog and informs humans adequately- everyone can form their own conclusions from the picture!

And with Saba,that apology for an animal who thinks he is a human with 4 legs,and who will wag his tail to any human who walks in, if i have to be truthful, I do not have much of a choice than have this sign:
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! ...who thinks he's a human with 4 legs....

    Perhaps this impression's been reinforced by the people around him?

    Also liked the line about "people who might feel the need to walk in etc.". My dog had a fierce aversion to 1 particular family- he became unmanageably ferocious whenever any member of that clan came visiting- which was quite often. Are canines better judges of human character than us?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love dogs for their unabashed displays of affection. I would love to own one but I tell myself to hold one for just a little while longer.
    As far as signs go, simplicity is the key...just a pic of him/her with name - that ought to do the trick! What gets my goat is how the general reaction of people is! Sheesh!!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean!! :)

    Next time, I should put up a picture of a lamb on my gate. That poor fellow is so harmless! :)

    And how is the handsome Saba doing? Tell him I said woof!

  4. Wag The Dog is a movie, where Willie Nelson acted!

  5. Visithra Says:

    Hehehe aww dogs are wonderful - err most houses here dont display such signs since the postman never comes in n just leaves the letters outside the gates no problem

    most dog owners treat them as children - some even dont leave home coz the dog might cry!

    Animals n plants can sense wrong aura - my friends dog acted very unusual the day before the father had a heart attack - n we've had plants die at home before something happened or when something bad happens

  6. Mahadevan Says:

    '... photo of dog and say nothing. Does not hurt the entiments of the dog and adequately informs human'. What a beautiful expression! This is all what the dog owners should do. In his School "Salem House", David Copperfield carried a placard on his back " Beware of him. He bites". Some dogs need to carry such warning( pictorially, if you prefer it that way).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hehehe. "Beware of the dog but don't trust the Humans either!"

  8. Anonymous Says:

    habba I am able to comment atlast in your blog (blogger problems were there and itwas forbidding me :-( )

    unga sabha kitta enna pathi nalla vidhama solli veinga..naan nalla paiyannu ... :)

  9. her Says:

    I am personally terrified of dogs...and the owners usually say "kadikkaadhu vaa!"(!!) :s

    I, however walk by slowly on tiptoe with lots of hesitation or hide behind the maami or maama and edge across the dangerous territory..

    BTW..what is the caption in your second pic?...too small to read!

  10. Usha Says:

    Abhilash: You bet that we have contributed to his belief immensely. Sometimes he even treats me like I am a dog.As for judge of character I think they sense negativity and hence their antagonism to some people. Saba would happily let in a friendly burglar - so much for canine judgement!

    Ravi: Yes they are so so giving but it is also a huge responsibilty.

    Vaish: Oh Amigo is such a lamb - actually you just need to put his picture and everyone would know how gentle he is. Saba saya "WOOF" too and a 100 tail wags.

    Pinchas: Interesting...Will check out.

    Visithra: yes, he is like a child in the house. True they can sense the aura. I can see it from the way he behaves with me when he knows I am sad. Plants too? that is interesting!

    Mahadevan: I agree about the need for warning signs. Only some people seem to mistake it as a way of keeping out people.Usually responsible owners of dogs don't leave them on the loose in the presence of visitors if a dog is unfriendly.

    Sahana: Heheheh.

    Dubukku; What is the problem? It doesn't let you post comments? Someone else also wrote to me saying the same. Saba kitte solla ellam vendam. Kadikanumna daan special la request pannanum!!!

    Lioness: Dogs usually get suspicious of that kind of nervousness and I bet they keep looking at you!
    That one says: One spoiled Dog lives in this house

  11. Anita Says:

    when i read your 'beware of dog' post, i thought i must tell you this. i driving to french class yesterday when just before that junction (guru nanak bhavan), when 2 guys on a motorbike came speeding around that corner and kicked a sick helpless dog on the side of the road and then laughed and rode off.

    it makes me sooo angry and helpless when i see things like this. what joy people derive out of kicking animals is beyond my comprehension. instead of 'beware of dog', these youngsters should wear tags saying, beware of us evil humans. seriouly, if they hadn't driven off from there, i would have been tempted to slap them hard across their faces for such horrible behaviour.