desires that I reveal 10 secrets about myself. I wish I had so many secrets - that would make me so mysterious and intriguing. But given my penchant to talk about everything in the open, I wonder if I can even dig up 2 or 3. But a tag MUST be respected - it is an unwritten code of blogging culture, an integral part of good blogging behaviour so I would rather invent some secrets about me than break the tag.
So some of the following are true and some aren't. Let us see if you figure out the false ones.

With all my bitchy posts about Karan Joker and Shahrukh Khkhkhan, I watch every program hosted by them.(the slime!)

I actually bought a tube of fair and lovely cream once to see if it would help get rid of the black patches on my arms! ( so sue me)

I lick the cake box clean before throwing it in the trashcan and the foil that covers the cornetto? mmm yum... Now of course I give it to Munni. Can't bear to see such good chocolate or cream go waste. (even the birds have a word for me. cheep, cheep!)

I am not comfortable eating with a knife and fork. I usually come back hungry after such parties. (Junglee, country bumpkin -ya,that's me alright. But then why do you think nature gave you fingers? and seriously, have you ever tried licking a finger after curd rice? losers!)

I was offered a role in a film once. ( well, I thought Sridevi needed it more than me. I could always find another career. Poor Shri!)

I never learnt to swim because I could not bear to be seen in a swim suit. (I was ashamed of my 36-24-35 figure. go figure!)

I feel bad to give an honest opinion when people ask for my honest opinion on some personal issue. I would sooner kill myself than say something to hurt them. (but tell me when people want your honest opinion on what I think of their fiance/e, how they look, how good is the glass painting they made etc. do they really want you to be honest?)

I always look at the prices on the menu before ordering in a restaurant. I can never buy something simply because I want it unless I know the price and know it is worth so much for me. Even if someone else who can well afford it is buying it for me.
(I know, totally middle class saar. what to do, we are like this only.)

I can't sleep without a blanket and my ears should be covered.(If I cant hear them monsters they can't hear me also right, that's the idea I suppose!)

I cannot count up to 10. I always say 10 after 8. So that is ten now!

This was tough. So I am not naming anyone to take it up. But if any of you like it, please feel free and do it secretly.
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18 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Psst, psst Usha, did not know that it's bad manners not to respond to tags?
    Wokay I'll go and sit in my chair facing the corner.
    But I'm not letting in the secrets of how many of our secrets tally!!

  2. Serendipity Says:

    awww :) hehehhee! U cheat! you have one secret pending.I hate my team lunches for that very reason! Who can eat peas pulao with a fork!AND not make a ruckus AND enjoy it!

  3. Bijesh Says:

    >I can't sleep without a blanket and
    > my ears should be covered.

    Same thing with me.. I have to conver my ears especially

  4. Artnavy Says:

    that was amusing and well worded - just as you are-

    your oscar moments are well deserved by the way

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I didn't learn swimming for the exact same reason, even though I was a school kid then.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am sorry, was that so tough? Should I feel guilty (especially since I loved your post)?

    A lot of these secrets (true or not) resonated with me - like eating every last cake crumb (the crumbs taste the best!) or looking at menu prices irrespective of whether I am paying or someone else is..

  7. Usha Says:

    maami:you didn't! That is the worst form of betrayal in blogsphere - somebody trusted you and gave you a tag to carry on and you ignored it. Ya, you go sit in that chair and think about what you did. we will have a chat about this later. :)

    Seren:Yeah, the whole maza is gone. I think we should protest this cultural invasion.:)

    Biju: really, so I am not so weird?

    Art: hey thanks and i passe don a tag to you too. see prev post.

    Nrimaami: I grew up in a family where they had so many injunctions about how I should carry myself that i was so ashamed of my body and all the curves. It seemed a punishment to carry breasts.
    What is your story?

    Lekhni: naaaaaaaaa. was just exaggerating. But had to really think and that, as you know, is rather tough for me.
    Thanks for tagging. I enjoyed it.

  8. Usha Says:

    and oh, btw, all are true except the last one.
    I was indeed offered a role in a film when I was 4 years old. The writer of screenplay was my father's friend and his brother was producing the film. They wanted a child artist who spoke Tamil clearly.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Quite a few facts resonates with me as well especially the can't sleep without the blanket one. My husband always teases me that all folks from Madras (and not Madrasis :-) ) have this trait... wonder why!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Rambodocdaaaaaa....amake shkama korben!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Rambodocdaaaaaa....amake shkama korben! Ushadi amake bokchen!

  12. Usha Says:

    a-kay:All folks from madras have this blanket obsession - hm...wonder why! Can't think of a place where it would be least required except for a few nights in dec/Jan.

    maami: teekache teekache. calm down. it is alright. But don't repeat it ok. here take this mishti and be a good girl.

  13. Indian in NZ Says:

    yay, I guessed correctly - thought last one was false !

    Really enjoyed reading the post.

  14. Wow! You were offered a role in the movie. So we all missed an movie being filmed :-) which would have all your ideas that you put across in your blog posts!
    I many a times wonder that the ideas that the bloggers put across makes a good theme for movies!

    Few secrets that your wrote made me laugh :-) Good one!

  15. Mama - Mia Says:


    i never realised reading tags can be so much fun!! trust YOU to get it just right!! hehe!!

    loved reading it!



  16. Praveen Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Praveen Says:

    :) nice. We surely missed a star Usha :), if not a champion swimmer :D.

    I always wonder why do people ask for a "honest opinion". Someone I know had a bad make up on her wedding reception, she asked her "honest" brother about how she was looking, he looked at her and then his brother in law and said she looks she the one u got married to, the man was dumb stuck, poor gal didn't talk to her brother for a month after that.

  18. ~nm Says:

    Hahah! That was hilarious!! Not your secrets but the way you wrote about them :)

    Even I love to eat my rice with hands. They taste heavenly eaten like that!

    And yeah I also have the habit of licking off the crams of the cartons! Hubby hates it!

    And I love to lick the base of hte pan in which I've prepared Maggi! :D So see I beat you to your secrets! You can now say, "I'm better off than you!" hehehehe...