A-kay tags me. This is so different from the tags I have done which are usually about me, myself.
So what are the rules of this one?
"Pick up the nearest book." - Yes, ma'm . here, what's this? Being Indian by Pavan Varma. (nice book)
"Open to page 123." - Okiee ( wonder where this is going...)
"Find the fifth sentence." - That's easy, I can count up to 10!
"Post the next three sentences."

In James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a young man, the character Stephen Daedalus expresses the anguish of an Irishman at having to speak English: '
The language in which we`are speaking is his (the Englishman's) before it is mine. How different are the words home, Christ, ale, master on his lips and on mine! I cannot speak or write these words without unrest of spirit. His language, so familiar and so foreign, will always be for me an acquired speech. I have not made or accepted its words. My voice holds them at bay. My soul frets in the shadow of his language.'
Indians have fretted too in trying to learn English, but their souls do not appear to have been in much anguish.

(I know that is more than three. There was a reason: Three sentences would have made no sense. So I posted the whole paragraph. Nice food for thought there, no?)

Now what?
"Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you."

I know Altoid would like this and Dotthoughts? I know I can always depend on JLT. Two more? Ok, where are you Padma, come to my rescue. I am sure you are reading something interesting. Itchingtowrite, I know you read a lot. Come on, take it up.

And as I was just about to press the publish button, Laksh tagged me for the same. Word has gone out about my expertise in tag posts and I am in great demand for tags as you can see. hm........the price you pay for fame. hehehe

P.s: Noticed that Fluff_n_stuff has tagged me too for this one.
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9 Responses
  1. Laksh Says:

    Nice! Love your sense of humor.

  2. Altoid Says:

    Wokay, will gladly do! I need a reason to post these days, so these help a lot! Otherwise it has to be writer's block, cant find anything to blog about.

  3. Savani Says:

    I saw this tag elsewhere and I wanted to do it!!!! I am in.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for taking it up so promptly. Really liked the paragraph you had quoted - something to think about...

  5. I love Joyce, too - when I did this tag, Portrait and Dubliners came to mind (along with some of Woolf's) but they weren't anywhere close at hand! :)

  6. Altoid Says:

    Reporting back....all done! Now, where's my gold star :D

  7. Unknown Says:

    Done your tag . How is it that you and I have so much in common ? We could be twins , I say especially when it comes to measuring self worth - I measure it in those tiny plastic spoons the ice cream counter guy gives you for tasting the different flavours

  8. Sujatha Says:

    Thanks, Usha. It must be a very popular tag, and you must have a very popular blog for so many to be doing it that you got tagged twice, including mine. :)

    Hmmmm....Maybe I ought to spend some time dreaming up new tag rules, rather than just passing on tags. Where do these memes come from anyway?

  9. WhatsInAName Says:

    Aila! This is cool cool tag :)))