Today I must end fifteen long years of association - an association linked with some of the happiest moments.You were initially intended for my sister but as fate would have it she was not interested and so we ended up together. We have shared many special moments. You have never refused money for any indulgence or fancy however wasteful it is and when money was short you have held out a card or two. Ever since you came into my life, I have never faced situations where I had to check my expenses or say 'no' to anything.

But in recent times your age is beginning to show, the wrinkles are tough to hide and much as we have tried it is impossible to revive you. The other day my sister gave me an ultimatum that if I was so sentimental about you she would do the needful to get rid of you.It seems that I really look quite pathetic when I go with you to the malls and other upmarket places. I have tried giving you a makeover but nothing seems to work, you do look worn out. People do look and in a negative way.

I always knew this was not forever and sooner or later I will have to find a replacement. I have been looking around for a while to find another just like you so i wont miss you so much but apparently they don't make them like you anymore. You are special, one of a kind. But the time has come , finally I must let go of you. I have finally accepted another to go with my altered circumstances and needs.

So my dear old wallet, it is goodbye time.

But you are only out of my handbag but will always remain with me forever in my memory chest along with my precious memories of happy times, like these flowers preserved in potpourri.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    :) well written.

  2. Usha Says:

    chitra: an association that long merits a decent good bye, what say? hehehe.
    This is what happens to me on lazy winter mornings.

  3. Inder Says:

    retirement wishes to the purse :P

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Awww... that was so nice.. how we get to miss the most trivial of things in life... :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Namaskara Ushaavarige.

    Incidentally today morning when I was about to start to office, my wife bought my old wallet asking me if she can throw it away..I declined...Though I no longer use it I am emotionally was difficult to explain to her why I couldn't part with it ...I have requested her to leave that as it is...only hope she does..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Such a creative post!

  7. Had not seen this side of you :) And Usha can you verify if you wear your hair short? I ask because I saw a picture on Anita's blog with all of you at the metbloggers meet and I thought it will be finally nice to put a face to all the thoughts that I read on your blog.

  8. so sweet that was..

  9. Usha Says:

    Inder: Lol.

    Kishore: I went to the shop today and almost panicked when i didnt find the old purse . Took a few seconds to remember that i had a new one now.I am a creature of habit.

    Anon: Namaskara.Nice to see that I am not the only one.

    Vidhya:I am glad you liked it.Wonder if anyone thought I was ditching a person. That was the whole intention of the post. Like I said idle wintry mornings do this to me!!

    Orchid:In anita's photo my hair isnt short. But shortly i am getting it chopped like sashi deshpande- goes best with salt and pepper.


  10. Visithra Says:

    nicely written farewell for a purse ;) i cant throw sentimental stuff too

  11. passerby55 Says:


    I too have many such wallets.and USha, i always keep a rupee coin in it..or may be even a twenty paise....i don't know why

    lovely post...Usha

  12. Hip Grandma Says:

    keep the wallet in a corner of your cupboard.You remind me of my sis.

  13. Mahadevan Says:

    What a fine piece! ( the writing to me and the purse to you). Fifteen long years of association mainly in times of fortune, must be cherished like a trophy. I am happy, she ( am I right in using the feminine gender?) is just out of your hand bag only and that she relaxes cozily along with your other treasures.

    'Oliver Goldsmith's Complete Works, bought by my father in 1930 for 3 annas, is still with me.

  14. Artnavy Says:

    i thought it was a dog... and was wondering if it had passed away

  15. GuNs Says:

    Sounds similar to what I wrote for my watch. LOL !

  16. Usha Says:

    Visi:This is the trouble of belonging to a generation that didnt believe in throwing anything away. My grandmother would have been shocked even to throw aluminium foil wrappings away and found a way to reuse it!
    Passer: i did the same too. I put a rupee inside it - i guess I hope to go back to it someday!
    Hipgran: Did the same!
    Mahadevan:Yes she does!
    Wow, 3 annas - that was 18ps and it bought a book!What a treasure!I have a few antiques too - will do a post on them one day soon.
    Guns:Yes, I remember. And your watch was lost when you said you wanted to change it right?