Yahoo has a time capsule at this site.You can post your views,photos,drawings or just about anything. you have only 13 more days to contribute after which the capsule closes and will re-open only on yahoo’s 25 th anniversary.
I assume that the capsule would be opened in 2020 or 2021.

What is the one thing that might be of interest to someone who might open it then? Something that might have vanished from the world between now and 2020? Not much and even if there were to be drastic political and social changes, the youth of today would still be there to remember today and impart a sembalnce of continuity.
But if one were to think of 100 years from now, what aspects of today's life would engage the curiosity of a young person in 2110?

Religion? Would people still practise religions and fight in the name of God? Would they believe in God and prayers? Would they still have festivals and holidays?

Governments? Would they still be voting people to power and be powerless to hold them accountable for their actions? Would they still subject themselves to misery as a result of the policies and laws which their "representatives" frame "for" them? Would there still be borders and disputes over them?

Wild life? Would they still be able to see Tigers and peacocks and elephants?

Kitchens and cooking? Would they have kitchens in the house and would they still be cooking their own food? Would they know the meaning of terms like "saute", "baste", "marinate" "soak overnight"?

Marriage? Would the institution of marriage still survive? Would they know what family meant for the previous generations? Would they believe that it was possible for people to stay in a relationship for prolonged periods?

Paper money?

Distinctions between rich and poor, men and women, upper and lower castes?

Astrology and numerology?

If you were to write something for a time capsule to be opened in 2110, what would that be about?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    On condition the world survives the next 100 years what with all these nuclear weapons:
    ~ Religion : always. empty men need to do something
    ~Govts : yepz. This time bush's great grand son would be the preznit and would still be vying for oil.

  2. Artnavy Says:

    water?? will we know how to desaline the sea?

    weather- have more control of it

    in india - garbage on the raod- hopefull will reduce

    clothes- will we still be wearing them... NO NO just kidding

  3. Inder Says:

    religion: non-believers may out number believers. people may have become more sane and take only the good things from religions and leave away blind-beliefs.

    government: there will be government of governments. like european union, there may be a world union of something like that.

    wildlife: they will be in closed forest maintained by humans. kind of advanced zoos. open world will be too taxic for them (and for humans) to live.

    kitchen and cooking: will exist till the end of the universe.

    marriage: very few would marry. but they would be respected high in the society.

    paper money: what is it? what is paper?

    distinction: would have reduced, but would still be there.

    astrology and numerology: there will be astronomy and mathematics.

    ps: by now it would have been clear that i am a die hard optimist.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if kozhukkattais (dumplings) will still be around, even if religion were. Is Yahoo's time capsule cryogenic? hehe...
    - a kozhukkatai have not :(

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The present attitude of people towards the whole concept of caste, creed and sect.. though it doesnt look to be rampant in our society, it really is.. I really wanna see if it would be the same way after 100 yrs...

  6. the ever posed question of pollution levels, non- renewable resources, energy, water, power sources, oxygen, fresh air, natural calamity & whether it can be controlled, medical science, agro-tech, how each one's country was 100 years ago

  7. Mahadevan Says:

    So long as Politiceans need votes, leaders need followers and the slipping faithfuls look for a straw to hold, Religions would continue, having survived over two thousand years.

    Marriage as an institution - Marital spouses would be avilable across the shelf at Wallmart type megamarts perhaps with a child too, during promotional marketing.

    Improvised Smart cards would replace paper and plastic monies.

    If economical and geographical boundaries disappear, can political boundaries remain ?

    Kitchens would not remain as even nano activities would be outsourced. One has to feed only personal likes and dislikes. Rest would be picked up from birth charts and long time nutritional needs would be taken care of.

    Have opened a new Blog - 'Mahadevan's Monologues'.

  8. Usha Says:

    Appu: Both the propositions are scary!

    Artnavy:1,2,and 3 - lets hope
    as for 4, perhaps saris and kimonos and sarongs will disappear and everyone will be in similar clothing - I mean trousers and shirts?

    Inder:Yes you are but I think kitchens and cooking may become redundant in many young couples' houses. Already they only make tea nd coffee in the house. i actually know 2 couples like that in Bangalore.

    The RF: hmmmmm..Kozhukaatai? let alone Yahoo's capsule being cryogenic. Are you planning to live up to 2110? If you want to preserve Kozhukattai for future generations, better not. they cannot miss what they do not know!

    The SG: I am sure there would be a change for the better, if only the politicians would leave these issues alone.

    ITW: I also imagine that science would have advanced so much that our age might sound like stone age to them

    Mahadevan:Most of those predictions seem plausible - hahah, about spouses from megamarts.
    What happened to the old blog - I hope you have backed up the posts!
    will check the new one now.

  9. Usha - as usual a thought provoking article!
    I just had an idea - would anybody even be interested in opening the capsule in 2020/2021 to see what people did decades ago?
    As years go by, the tolerance level of people for others seems to be going down. People are more interested in talking than listening. Everybody is so busy with their own lives, and not cared about others. Does anybody today want to delve in the past of their parents/teachers/friends and want to know of some interesting facts that happened in their lives?
    Definitely some want to - i got to realise that after starting to blog and visit blogs like yours.
    But in 2020 .... I am unsure! I would love to be proved wrong.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    By then, people will know global warming does not exist.. :)

  11. In the next 100 years, Religion won't be extinct. But its hold will become less and there will be an awakening of spirituality. We already witness the Western and Eastern gurus captivating the minds and hearts of people (I mean only the Sat Gurus here).Some animals and birds which are on the verge of extinction will probably become extinct.More wars will be fought for Water rather than Oil.America will become peace loving, not out of choice but out of necessity.The Golden age seems to be very near - isn't it? Or is it a Great Indian dream?

  12. passerby55 Says:

    Maybe many of us would have learnt to say a little earlier in life that I AM satisfied with mY life.

    I have lived well, and i have lived enough,I am happy and about everything around me.

    A few timeless values, i hope come true then.