Tagging actually makes the major part of one's job easier by giving you the subject to write about but the challenge is to take it and make it interesting to the readers. I have been fascinated by the way each blogger brings their own distinct style and stamp to the same questions in a tag. So you go around and read the weird things about themselves that people have written - in fact some of them are not weird at all, they are amazing. Ranging from attention to minute detail to complete recklessness which could even be shocking!
But my job today is simple.Itchingtowrite wants me to talk about my 3 preferences under various categories. Talking about myself, since that is my specialty, here I go:

Three smells I love:
1. Babies ( especially after a bath and with all that powder and whatever they have been fed combined with the smell of oil and their natural smell...heavenly)
2.Sun-dried clothes.
3.first drops of rain (specially after a hot day.)

Three smells I hate:
1. Open drains
2. Smells from the sugar factory when the train crosses Nellikuppam ( mollasses?)
3. Baked stuff still smelling of eggs.

Note:Prolonged sinustis has reduced my level of sensitivity to smell. So I only react to strong odours.(may be a blessing?)

Three jobs that I have had in my life:
1.Bank officer /manager
2.Client services manager
3.Senior Consultant – training
But the ones I am actually proud of are
1.Scribe and reader for blind students in my college days.
2.Part-time teacher in a school
3.Mom of Siddhartha

Three movies that I could watch over and over:
1.Sound of Music
2.Any of Kamalhaasan’s Tamil films
3.It is a beautiful life (oops it is actually "life is beautiful" Thanks Kishore!)

Three fond memories:
1.Being moved to tears when thanked by the parents of a child for whose heart surgery I was one of the three students from our college who could donate blood when the operation was being done. The father said “God gave him life the first time and you are his little angels doing it again a second time.”

2.Being of the two in all of the the University of Madras to obtain a first class in B.A. English ( the department had not had a first class in the 12 preceding years) and also being awarded the best outgoing student prize.

3.All memories of my son growing up

Three jobs I would love to have:
1. Teaching very young kids
2. Painter ( yes anything which involves splashing colours)
3. Anything involving being with animals

Three things I like to do:
1.Listen to music
3.Play with or talk to kids.

Three of my favorite foods:
1. Pasta with plenty of cheese
2. Bisibelebath with chips
3. Rice and rajma.
(only three? there is so much more...)

Three places I would like to be right now:

Three things that make me cry:
1. Seeing small children suffer
2. Unfair accusations.
3. My own helplessness

Now I want all who come and read this to say any 3 things about themselves in the comments. Or please take up the tag and do it in their blogspots.

Note to Artnavy: I am working on your suggestion. May be the next post!
15 Responses
  1. thanks for taking up the tag. it's amazing how the rain smell has a near universal liking..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have just completed the tag which you had assigned to me earlier and now this! This is too much. Just kidding.
    BTW, there is an interesting work for the smell that the earth throws up after a rain. Its called 'petrichor', I believe!
    You might want to check it out!

  3. Hip Grandma Says:

    Three things that make me cry:
    1. Seeing small children suffer
    2. Unfair accusations.
    3. My own helplessness

    Me too Usha particularly point no.3.A well done tag

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You favorite move - "It is a beautiful life"?
    Or is it "Life is Beautifu"? :)

  5. Hip Grandma Says:

    Three movies that I could watch over and over:
    1.To sir with love.
    Actually I loved Sivaji's movies during my college days.I don't seem to enjoy them these days.Maybe 'Paasa Malar' would be an exception.

  6. Artnavy Says:

    We have a lot of similar answers....did you read mine?

    And the previous post is mind blowing. How creative can someone get?

    Awaiting your next post.

  7. Mahadevan Says:

    Glad to learn that you broke a 12 years record and secured a first class in your B.A.English. Your writing style I immensely enjoy, though I find your earlier blogs were brimming more with lyrical flow. I long for those lines. I honestly believe, one should develop a style of one's own.

    I agree with "itchingtowrite" that the first fall of rain drops on soil drive one crazy.

    My favourite three movies which I want to see again and again:

    1. Anand
    2. Kadhalikka neramillai
    3. Oru Oodhapu Kanchimittukiradhu
    (based on a beautiful story by
    Pushpa Thangathurai).

    Three of my favourite foods

    1. Vettakuzhambu with roasted

    2. Soft Idlies with Milakapodi

    3. Rice with Dal Powder
    (Kalathupodi or Paruppupodi).

  8. Usha Says:

    Hipgmom: Childhood is meant to be nothing but happiness and when they suffer even then it is tough to handle it. Please send me your email. I want to send you a e-book by Anouradha Bakshi (of Project why) that Balaji sent me. This is letters to that small boy of alcoholic parents who fell into a cauldron and was miraculously saved.
    I have to send you Richard armour too.Mail me at

    Kishore: It is "life is beautiful". Thank you. changed it. (vayasarada ellam marandu poidradu)

    Artnavy:yes, i noticed many responses are similar!
    That was the brain child of the current director!

    Mahadevan: Actually I think I wrote better in my younger days as there was no inhibitions , no restraint.
    Kaatrukrnna veli, kadalukenna moodi attitude!
    Oru oddapu kann simitugiradu was produced by my father.

  9. Inder Says:

    any of kamal's tamil films!!?? haha... kamal has his share of junk movies :D

    your dad produced a tamil movie!? wow!!

    best outgoing student!!! one more 'wow'!!! i was happy to be an 'outgoing student' without taking more than the normal graduation period.

  10. Mahadevan Says:

    Perhaps, the topics you chose for your earlier blogs, like - birds, mountain, sea, evening, onset of spring, etc. were more suited for lyrical expression. You have developed a way of saying what you want to say and that is what style is all about. As you feel you wrote better during your younger days, would be glad, if you choose to post a few of them for the benefit of us.

    My last Blog was on 'Chance and Choice' and what a marvellous coincidence that I am responding to the daughter of a producer, whose film "Oru Oodhapu Kann chimittukiradhu" is one of my all all time favourites !

  11. Usha Says:

    Inder: I know he Kamal acted in some real bad movies but still his performance was usually flawless. My father produced 3 tamil films and one malayalam film and lost all his money! hehe..

    Mahadevan: I like Vathakozhambu and paruppu podi too and what about vazhaikai podi.
    I have not preserved anything I wrote in my younger days although when i took my son once to meet my professor she surprised us both by flashing one of my answer papers which she had preserved for 10 years. Apparently she showed it to her students every year!
    ( I am showing off too much in this post!)

  12. Anonymous Says: have shared so much of yourself in this post.

    I don't have a blog, so here is something about me.

    Three of my favorite foods:
    - thALichchu kottina thayir sAdham with vadu mAnGa
    - Rice with paruppu uruNdai rasam and ahaththi keerai thEnGai curry
    - Soft idlis with moLaGa podi

    Three places I would like to be right now:
    - home (I'm at work now)
    - parents' home in India, doing absolutely nothing
    - Udipi

    Three movies that I could watch over and over (although I have watched them only once so far):
    - Dirty Pretty Things: it is neither dirty nor pretty in the conventional sense. It is about illegal immigrants and their everyday struggles.
    - Chocolat: I loved all the pretty outfits worn by Juliette Binoche.
    - Memento: Simply brilliant. I need to watch it one more time to understand all the details. The movie unravels from finish to start, so if you don't pay attention, it will get pretty confusing.

    Three things I like to do:
    - Spend time in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, organizing etc.
    - Surf the internet all day
    - Sleep for more than 12hrs at a stretch

    Three jobs I would love to have:
    - Private chef: cooking for people in their house
    - Librarian
    - Professional gardener: trimming trees into animal shapes

  13. rads Says:

    oh, funny how most of us like the same things - especially the good ones. The not so good ones, are I suppose built on individual experiences!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Oh man.. I now know what all I missed.. I am taking up this tag too.. :)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I like this tag so much. I am picking it up. :)