$.Connecting with a total stranger in a smile over something funny or cute.
$. Meeting a new friend.
$. Early morning rides with the wind on your face.
$. Listening to an old song and remembering a smell or a face associated with the song.
$. Waking up listening to the rain pouring outside.
$. Nice long bath uninterrupted by the doorbell or telephone.
$. An unexpected call from a long lost friend.
$. Being part of an interesting conversation.
$. Laughing at yourself.
$. Sharing a wonderful dinner and conversation with a few close friends.
$. Laughing without a reason.
$. Finding out that someone considers you "special"
$. Seeing someone you love happy.
$. Finding something of a person you love and smelling his/her perfume.
$. Recollecting a special moment from the past and reliving it with the same intensity.
$. Making up with someone and getting over the hurt.
$. Giving up something that is precious to you to someone who needs it more.
$. Holding a few days' old baby of any species.
$. Long solitary walk on the beach watching the sunset.
$. Moments of silent bonding with people you love.
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  1. Shruthi Says:

    That's lovely, Usha! In fact, about the first one - relating to a total stranger?? I have experienced it so many times, and I feel fantastic, I wonder why! In fact, I have been planning a post on that very subject, for a long time now.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!A cute post.Reading it makes me go on high!Thanks for reminding certain forgotten special moments.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice, I notice that only a couple or so special moments are tactile or olfactory - so in a vague way, these are very 'educated' & 'cultured' states of being - an interesting twist in the tale of evolution.

    Oh rats, thats not what I wanted t say!


  4. Usha Says:

    Shruthi: Such moments are special because they are just one off , unexpected and have no past or future. They stand out in the isloated beauty of the moment. I felt it while reading your post on tea and dreams.


    Souvik:hehe, let us say I may not have elaborated on the tactile and olfactory sensations associated with some of these moments. But you do get the drift, dont you!
    And you wanted to say....?

  5. Balaji Says:

    Amazing points. I really loved and connected with almost all the points that have been mentioned in the post

  6. Preethi Says:

    Really good ones they are all... :)
    Can vouch for each of them!!!

  7. Mahadevan Says:

    A fantastic list of special moments. Atleast five of them I certainly can relate to me:

    Early morning rides with the wind on your face.
    $. Listening to an old song and remembering a smell or a face associated with the song

    An unexpected call from a long lost friend

    Sharing a wonderful dinner and conversation with a few close friends

    Recollecting a special moment from the past and reliving it with the same intensity.

    With your permission, I would like to add one more:

    Late in the night, reading alone, one's favourite book or writing, with an instrumental music in the background. In fact, I had this experience, when I was reading your old posts, around midnight, with Yanni's live Concert at Agra for soothening effect.

  8. Hip Grandma Says:

    Each one is a gem but this is the best .

    " Making up with someone and getting over the hurt."

    This seemed so easy when we were children.i wish I could go back in time!

  9. Can I add a few more?
    $ Finding something that you thought was lost, in the most unexpected of places or times.
    $ To find the hot cup of tea/coffee waiting for you, when you come home really tired.
    $ Spending those last few moments before you fall asleep, smiling to yourself, thinking of the wonderful day you had.

  10. passerby55 Says:

    Hi USha,
    each moment is a million dollar.

    i count them to be twenty in number and multiply.that's a big number.

    maybe one moment is enuff to last my life time.i choose.

    *laughing at yourself*

    Instead of numbers sometimes symbols/signs like ($) say it all.

    USha, you are wonderful..."EXPERIMENTAL" writer

  11. Usha Says:

    Balaji: Thanks. Now That is a special moment ! ( Point no.1!)

    SG!! - Here I was counting on you to add another 20 and you just vouch and go away - hm, lazy girl!

    Mahadevan: You do have a way of making me feel special. Thanks. As for the smells associated with a song, I always wondered if it was something that happens only to me. YOu know I taste colours and smell words and all that - something wired criss cross inside of me. I am glad I am not the only one! hehe

    Hipgranma: True, we do complictae our lives as we grow up dont we/ and in the process lose out on so many what could have been special moments!

    Vidhya: yes, yes and Yes!

    Passerby: thanks. But the idea is not totally original - an email on similar lines has been going around for a while. Only the special moments are mine!

  12. Feels good reading! And thanks for adding me to your distinguish list of bloggers.
    The other day S told me about the pact you guys had of 4'o clock tea and talks! : )

  13. Interesting list..

    How about looking at all our moments as 'special moments'.. there is so much we can be 'thankful' for..

  14. Inder Says:

    wow! they are indeed special moments in life. one of the most special moment in my life would be when i successfully outrun that crazy dog in my street (which has got some unknown grudge against me) and shut the gate close at his face. i feel like i have won over the whole world at those moments :P

  15. Usha Says:

    Doozie: YOu are welcome and yes those were special moments too.

    Ram:well, like the song goes there are moments in ones life " when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I.m feeling sad" and that is when I remember these special times " and then I don't feel so bad!"

    Inder: heheheh. Why is the dog after you? and may be it just chases you because you run? well, I don't know THIs dog but most do because of that. Any way best wishes!!

  16. Inder Says:

    i should have told that dog-story in past tense. it used to happen 4-5 years ago in madras. this dog was in the neighbourhood. i really don't know why the dog was so furious towards me. may be i did something terrible to him in one of my previous births. i don't remember. whenever we meed he would start roaring and barking at me making all his sharp teeth visible to me. it was really scary. if i was near the gate of our house and if i was very confident that i could make it, i would run and close the gate behind me. if i think that the dog has got the advantage, i would stand still without moving and inch praying to all the gods i know to send the owners of the dog to rescue me. it is indeed miraculous that the dog didn't bite me inspite of over a dozen close encounters. may be i should post about this dog in my blog :P

  17. starry Says:

    Lots of interesting special moments in your life.nice post.

  18. GuNs Says:

    Very nicely put !
    A solitary walk by the beach or a walk with your loved one? Tough choice eh?


  19. Visithra Says:

    ;)) how true

  20. Pradeep Nair Says:

    For me special moments are most often total surprises, which leave a lasting cheerful impressions.
    "Connecting with a total stranger in a smile" comes on top for me too.