A post on the birthday celebration we had at home today.
The birthday boy:

Bhavayami Gopala Balam ... Mana Sevitham ,
Tat padam chintayeyam sada
kati ghatitha mekhala , khachita mani ghantika
Patala ninadena vibharaja manam
(My mind pays obescience to Krishna (Gopala) the baby and always contemplates on his feet. The baby adorned with a mekala around his waist and other jewels and decorations radiates divine beauty)

Beautiful child? Wait till you see this!

Madhura madhura vENugIta mOhA madana kusuma sukumAra dEhA

(One who loves the sweet songs played on the flute and one who has a beautiful, soft and youthful form)

Tiny baby footsteps all over the house marking his presence:

And the menu?

Keraya neeranu kereke chelli
Varava padedavarante kaaneero
Hariya karunadolaada Bhagyava
Hari samaarpane Maadi badhukeero

(We take the water from the river and pour it back to the river as an offering and gain our blessings. Having the good fortune of recieving Hari's grace, let us offer everything to hari and live a happy life)

paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskrtam
sambhavami yuge yuge

"In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium."

The world cannot take any more. Please advent yourself NOW!
Come back as Alla, come back as Christ
Come back as Krishna
come back as anyone
Krishna nee begane baro!

Many happy returns to all of you!
Let us pray for peace,brotherhood and love!
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  1. Wish you also a very happy janmashtami!

  2. Hip Grandma Says:

    the ending was wonderful and said it all.we need krishna to come back to us with another Mahabharatha war on its way.happy Gokulashtami to you and all others.was that your puja room?my g'daughter is jumping on my lap at the sight of the savories and fruits on display.

  3. passerby55 Says:

    come back as anyone...the title says it all.

    USHA,A positive message makes u feel so secured.
    A goodpost, and thanks for putting up this one....made me go back to my grandparents puja room.

    That is where peace was, that is were love prevailed.

  4. ravi Says:

    This is just beautiful n divine. May the Krishna bless u n ur family n ur friends. Amen

  5. GuNs Says:

    "Krishna nee begane baro" Love that song. I remember watching Hariharan * Leslie Lewis (Colonial Cousins) with a lot of interest because they had this new sound back then. This released pre-1998, didn't it? I finished school i.e. 10th std. in 1998 and all my memories of school life have stuck by me a lot more than college and definitely more than the professional life.

    "Krishna nee begane baro". Always wanted to know what that line means. Care to tell me?


  6. Usha Says:

    "Krishna nee begane baro"
    Means "Krishna come soon."
    ( Yashaoda is supposed to be calling out to Baby krishna)
    This is originally a Purandaradasa song.This was used by colonial cousins effectively in that song - tell me did i quote that part right?
    "come back as..."

  7. Usha Says:

    Vidhya: Thank you.

    HipGMom: Yes we need Him to come NOW!
    Yes, that is the pooja room. Oh did she like the picturesZ? Give her a hug from another paati!

    Passerby: I guess that is precisely why we practise these.

    ravi: Thanks and to you too.

    Guns: see my comment above.

  8. Mohan Says:

    Janmashtami brings me lots of memories of "golu" in my maternal home. The tiny wooden dolls and the cars which we used to play with were now strictly off-contact for all of us. And the sweets and savories were simply super then.

    As for the lyrics, I think they go like..

    "So come back as Jesus
    Come back and save the world
    Bless all the future of every boy and girl
    Come back as Rama,
    Forgive us for what we've done
    Come back as Allah,
    Come back as anyone"

  9. Usha


    Last lines.. Are they from Hariharan's colonial cousins ? Very apt though..

  10. Thank UUUUUUUU for visiting my blog :) ... Feels nice to have somebody ready the 'trash' that I churn out :).
    What you have said is entirely right, Life has definitely become much easier these days - visiting in-laws once in 3 months makes life a lot easier for more than 2 people :) ....

  11. Anonymous Says:

    HAppy Janmashtami Usha!

  12. Balaji Says:


    Doordarshan once upon a time used to telecast various classical renditions on Sunday. And that was the first time I heard the song "Bhavayami Gopala Balam ... Mana Sevitham...". That was sung by a very young kid (Don't remember who he was) and absolutely loved it. The kid's voice was mesmerising and I was drowned in the song for quite some time. I think that is the effect any classical song on Krishna brings to you. Thank you for putting the many memories crops up.

  13. Usha Says:

    Mohan: Golu during the 9 days of navratri is a special time in Tamilnadu too. We used to be invited to other houses where we went, sang songs and got yummy sundals as prasadam. It was also a great outlet for creative expressions in many houses with parks and railroads and so many innovations each year. Thanks for reminding me of it.
    And thanks for the words of the song.

    Ram: Yes, it is from Colonial cousins - at least the idea - the right words are in Mohan's comment.
    I think that seems the only thing worth praying for - request him to come back as anyone and destroy the forces of evil.

    Vidya: I just happen to relate to a lot of what you call "trash".

    Bubby: Thanks

    Balaji: Have you heard the rendition by M.S.? there is one by Bombay jayashree too. I think it may be available on the net as MP3.
    Isnt it amazing how our Bhakthi poets looked for the love of god in all types of relationships -as a child, a lover, a parent, a friend. Perhaps they tries to teach us how to approach God through the forms of love we are aware of.

    And the song "keraya neeranu" by Purandaradasa is also very beautiful where he tells us how giving God is: we actually take the things from him and offer it as if it is ours ( like taking the water from a river and pouring it back into it) but God is so gracios he accepts those as offerings and blesses us more.

    Another beautiful song is by Meera where she begs to be his servant so that she can have the pleasur of serving him at all times,
    "Mane chaakar rako ji" - I dont have the lurics. anyone has and can help me on this?

  14. Balaji Says:

    Unfortunately I have never heard of those rendition by MS...(I can find myself mesmerised now itself)...I will search and check If I can find the song.

    I don't understand Telugu, the language in which majority of the classical songs are written. The one thing that I feel in is abundance is love. The song "Sadho Sadho" or "Manasa Sancharare"...even though I don't understand a single word...I can imagine myself falling in bliss.

    You were mentioning about Bhakti poets and their ability to characterise god in various forms. I remember my grand father mentioning that as an essence of Hinduism where in one can relate to god as just about anyone and get on with it.

  15. MJ Says:

    unfortunatly we all miss a lot of Krishna n gokulastami related songs i remember one swarajata from those decade old days when i used to learn classical music n also this song is close to my heart n this is the first song which i sang for my fiance...:)

    "rara venu gopabala,
    rajita staguna jai seela,
    sara sakksha neramemi,
    maru bari korva lera"

    and one more goes this way....

    "suvvi suvvi suvvalamma,
    navuchu devaki nandanu daniye,
    sesi vidiche alsammulu gadiche,
    disla devatala diggulu vidiche.."

    n this "keraya neeranu.." is really the one which is my fav geetam...:)

    thanku usha u reminded me of many those lovable classical songs...:)

    delated happy janmashtami

  16. Usha Says:

    Yes, more than a reverence and a distance between the lord and the devotee, these bhakthi songs use different forms of love to glorify god. And now i understand what your granfather meant.
    As for the telugu lyrics, most of the transaltions areavailable on the net. Check out any song you like.

    m j:
    Yes, Those geetams are lovely - and it is sucha plaeasure to hear these young girls about 6 or 7 years singing rara venu together.
    Suvu Suvi - now I have nt heard the geetam. is that the same as in Swathi Muthyam? I love that song.

    YOu know Keraya neeranu used to be fun for us as kids because maadi badhu keero seeemd sucha fun saying. of course we did not know the meaning! ( it means do and flourish)Later when i moved to bangalore when someone sang it I realised whata beautiful and profound thought it conveys and since then it is my favourite too

    And I love the way you coined a word "delated" combining delayed and!

  17. KRTY Says:

    Engum Nirai Parabramham Amma endrazhaikka, Enna thavam Seidhanai !

    Happy birthday to Avyukta...

    (Madhura Madhura song sung by Piththukuli Murugadas ketrukeengala ?... Adhai kelunga... Plus Alaipaayuthey by Pithukuli..

    Kannan will melt when he sings "Kadhari Manamurugi Naan Azaikkavo !"

  18. Hip Grandma Says:

    Each song mentioned her is good.but Krishna Nee beganey baro...tops it all.and each one by OOthukkadu venkata subbaiyyar is a gem.Jesudas has also sung Krishna nee beganey..very well.

  19. Mahadevan Says:

    What a great post!

    Your rendering:

    Come back as Alla, come back as Christ,
    Come back as Krishna,
    Come back as anyone,
    Krishna nee begane baro

    is the most secular call to the Divine, to come back and walk amonst us to restore order in the chaos and tranquility amidst terrorism.

    Pithukuli Murugadas's 'Alai payuthe Kanna", to me, is the ultimate in Krishna Invocation.
    God certainly has been partial to Murugadas in bestowing such a melliflous voice.

    Very many thanks for taking us to your Pooja room.

    Certainly one should cherish this post for a long time.

    Usha, 'nee begane baro' with another brilliant post.

  20. looks like you had a wonderful time for the janmashtami.. yummy snacks :)

  21. Preethi Says:

    Me missed the little boy's birthday, coz I was away in Kerala celebrating another little boy's birthday.. How I wish I was at home for the festival to make all those foot prints and help Mom in the dishes and all.. :(? :)

  22. Usha Says:

    Haven't heard Pithukuli - noted for purchase next time in chennai.

    Mahadevan:I am sure that most of us can do something to join hands against these terrorist maniacs. He can Inspire us and show us the way as Iswar, allah or jesus and when we do unite that will be the day of his rebirth.

    Gomathi: i did and thanks for sharing your recipe for seedai on your post! I am sure all your friends are going to be tempted to try it on next Janmashtami.

    SG:ah you do the footsteps too. I dont see them in many kannadiga houses though!

  23. MJ Says:

    hi...suvvi suvvi is not ageetam but its a song in one of the even i am not sure of it but this is not the one from the movie....