Ardra tagged me with a series of questions and here are my responses.

I’m thinking about:
What went through that little girl’s mind at St.Anne’s school when there was panic after a hoax call about a bomb in the school. The photo in the papers captures the terror the child is in the grip of. I am also thinking of what is the right punishment for the perverts who derive pleasure from such pranks.
Why it is so tough for us to just be and let be.
I am also thinking otherwise about why my rajma never tastes as good even when I strictly follow the recipe.

I want to:
be free to do everything that my heart tells me to do.
go to Rome, Paris and Egypt
spend a few months near the Himalayas.

I wish
my mother had lived a few more years
I was as clear in my thinking and knew myself as well when I was 20.
I could spend another day with our gang from school just like old times

I hear:
The waves between my ears every time there is absolute silence outside.

I wonder:
If there is a person in the world who is absolutely contented with their life.
What makes us opt for war and not peace.
for how long I will be missed when I am gone forever.

I regret:
not choosing to be a school teacher.
not having been a rebel in my youth.
not having pursued classical music studies.

I am:
a sentimental fool
incorrigible optimist
terrified of formal parties.

I dance:
to relax
when I am alone
to Govinda’s songs - I simply cannot resist the joy in his dancing

I sing:
When I drive
When I am happy
Mostly old tunes although the current one in my head is lukka chuppi

I cry:

Easily for others and less for myself.
And quite unexpectedly.
Particularly if I see children in trouble.

I’m not always
guided by my head.
easy to understand

I make with my hands:
Birthday cards
mostly a lot of mess

I write:
my blog to share and to get clarity on my thoughts and feelings.
mails to my friends to know they are safe and happy and to share the news in our lives.

I confuse:
people’s names and faces - especially film actors
Can never remember the gender of nouns.

I need
to love, to have friends,music, books and enough money for the last two.

And finally
This is a tough exercise if you want to be honest and precise.
I am not sure if anyone else is interested in these details about me but Ardra is, and so here they are.
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  1. I am:
    A sentimental fool
    Incorrigible optimist
    Terrified of formal parties.

    that bit is very very familiar! :)

  2. Ardra Says:

    Hi Usha, thanks for doing the tag...
    and now i like u some more :-)

  3. MJ Says:


  4. Aqua Says:

    loved your honest and i could see a bit of myself in most of them :)

  5. I LOVED reading this list, Ush! You are SO adorable! Please adopt me!


  6. passerby55 Says:

    Usha... bravo! wonderfully replied, straight from the heart!

    one secret to share
    "why my rajma never tastes as good"...
    SERVE THEM when they are hungry.

    NEar Himalayas......all your readers will follow u. DO you want the Himalayas to get crowded now!

    All your post,all your thoughts create Waves between my ears.

    Content! Your readers are ....your writing brings contentment!

    Can i join your gang? i can dance and sing to govinda's tunes with you..


  7. Hip Grandma Says:

    I am also thinking otherwise about why my rajma never tastes as good even when I strictly follow the recipe.

    Me too Usha!but i have the answer.The best quality rajma gets in america i seem to make good rajma.will confirm the fact when i return to India in oct.

  8. Usha Says:

    Doozie: No wonder we get along so well even before meeting in person.

    Ardra: Not at all - helped me know some bits about myself I had not thought about before like my regrets and my wishes.And thanks, I have this great need to be liked and loved, really!

    M j: ya, I know.But that's who I am!!!

    Aqua: really? We must meet soon.

    Vaish: What? Haven't you been adopted long ago - when did you run away you prodigal!!Hugs back to you dear!

    Passerby:I keep tasting it right from the stove when it is boiling hot. uh huh, no luck! Even the ones they serve on flight is better than mine.
    Ah really, How nice it would be if we could all spend time introspecting and sharing at the foot of the Himalayas. Sounds great to me.
    Yes, I am always ready to dance to Govinda's tunes. Just name the time and place.More the merrier .."kisi disco mein jaaye.."

    Hiphopgmom:Is that so! At least now I have a VALID excuse, the rajma isn't good. Ya, you must come back and tell are you enjoying with your children and grand child?

  9. Balaji Says:


    yup...honest answers....

  10. rads Says:

    Usha, could relate to so many of your answers, and sentiments. Nice knowing you :-)
    Maybe I shuld do this myself.. at least gets a chance to pen down some clarity.

  11. Mahadevan Says:

    What a candid revelation of your personality!

    Your concern for the little ones is visible in every line and perhaps that is why you wanted to be a school teacher.

    'why my rajma never tastes as good even when I strictly follow the recipe' - too ethereal and shows your striving to be a perfectionist.

    "The waves between my ears every time there is absolute silence outside " - that is lyrical Usha who inspired me to write one exclusive post on her.

    ' I am a sentimental fool.
    Incorrigible optist.
    Terribly afraid of formal
    parties '.
    With all modesty, may I point out that every letter of this description fits into my personality?

    " I make with my hand Birthday cards " - Hats off to you.

    ' write mails to my friends to know they are safe ' -I can vouchsafe for this.

    " I need to love, to have friends, Music and books and enough money for the last two " - Excellent way of putting it across. After this if I say these are exactly my needs too, I would be sounding prosaic.

    It is because of these unique posts, we come to your Blog again and again.

  12. Usha Says:

    Balaji: Ya, imagine having to admit publicly that I dance! I was tempted to lie but then i said ,"what the heck!"

    Rads: Yes, why don't I tag you?

    Mahadevan: YOu have got it right as someone who takes my writing seriously and understands my thinking perfectly.
    Thanks as usual for the kind words and yes keep coming.

  13. Mohan Says:

    Most of these posts are self-analytical. Of course, the min requirement is that you have to answer the questions as honestly as u can and thereby, reveal ur personality to others.

    I did one like this a few months ago, courtesy Harish...

    Nice post about the 99 club. I really liked that one. Very apt then and very true now...:)

  14. Usha

    Yes.. Sounds very honest..

    Enjoyed reading it and knowing a bit more about you..

  15. Preethi Says:

    Hehe... I realized that few dishes are not meant for few people, Usha.. but then, my Rajma is good.. :):p

    U bet!! Govinda's numbers are too good.. arent they?? Kisi disco mein jaaye... and all..

    And u r a sweet little old kid.. Now I know how I want to be when I am old.. I want to be a sweet little old kid too.. :)

  16. Wild Reeds Says:


  17. Usha Says:

    Mohan:Yes, that was good too.

    Ram: Thank you. Oh yes, That is me, alright.


    WR::) Hugs back!