Headlines of newspapers scream day in and day out about the violence of people demanding their homeland or seeking a separate land for themselves. Suicide attacks, killing of innocent civilians, assassinations and verbal violence - wherever you turn the noise is deafening. Among all this bloodshed, there is a quite community of 6 million Tibetans who lost their homeland nearly 60 years ago to the aggression of their neighbour and have been forced to live in exile in other countries. They miss their land, their lifestyle and ther is alot of anger especially among the younger generations who have never seen their home. And yet all this youth energy and anger is controlled and they campaign to mobilise support for their cause. They do not even think of violence as an alternative. Their leader, winner of the Nobel peace prize, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, hopes to find a peaceful solution through negotiations.

A large number of Tibetans have been killed, their culture destroyed through demographic altreration by the settling of chinese in Tibet and reduction of Tibetan population caused by the exodus as well as genocide and sterilisations; their way of life has been destroyed through the destruction of monasteries and their environment denuded of its woods and minerals. A whole nation of people driven out of their homes, watching their home being looted and pulled down by the aggressor while being forced to live in foreign lands as guests.
They hope to go back to their home and to their own way of life some day - and yet they do not seek violence and armed struggle. They choose to fight peacefully.The Dalai Lama believes:
"In today's reality the only way of resolving differences is through dialogue and compromise, through human understanding and humility. We need to appreciate that genuine peace comes about through mutual understanding, respect and trust. Problems within human society should be solved in a humanitarian way, for which non-violence provides the proper approach."
To set an example to the rest of the world that peaceful means can still work and to probably change the language of violence all around the world, all peace loving people MUST raise their voice lending support to the Tibetan struggle for liberation.
A victory for Tibetans would be a victory for humanity, a victory for peace.

We talk about word power and thought power."Pen is mightier than the sword" and if we focus all our thought power, we could move even a stone without touching it. Let us try what we can with our word power. July 6th is "Bloggers for Tibet day" and it is also "World Tibet Day". Please blog for the cause of Tibetans, please blog for what is right, Please blog for peaceful means for solving problems. Please blog to help the Tibetans have their home back.
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  1. Aqua Says:

    A lovely post Usha. Thank you so much for supporting "World Tibet Day". The message of the Dalai Lama that you have put in your post is truly inspiring. I'm sure reading this would reaffirm the faith of all Tibetans, not only in their chosen method of struggle but also in the fact that China cannot get away with what they have done in Tibet, and that the Tibetan cause does have supporters like you.

  2. MJ Says:

    Definetly Usha...the words play miracles than the swords.And hope we can once again prove it to those hungry for bloodshed people that its the non-voilence and the power of peace that's crowned at the end of a fight.

  3. ravi Says:
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  4. Mahadevan Says:

    An inspiring post indeed!

    Unfortunately, the world responds only to violence and threat and not the call for peace. The mighty can get away with whatever they do and the tiny ones suffer in silence. The Cause of Tibet is certainly righteousness writ at large and it would triumph one day. Even in extremely adverse circumstances, the Tibetans' opting for peaceful means certainly demands veneration.

    By this fine post, you certainly stand elevated.

  5. passerby55 Says:

    "we could move even a stone without touching it ..."
    indeed pen is mightier than the sword...

    I have read Dalai Lama...HE is so confident of the people in Tibet. HE emphasis they only know compassion and voilence never came to them.

    I admire his passion, the love and care he has for Tibet.

    But to fight back voilence today is much diffcult a task then it was...
    blame the progress in science and technology or degradation of human values!!

    USHA, good post...thanks you took the time to write one here to SUPPORT PEACE

  6. Preethi Says:

    Uff.. I missed the date, but I will do this.
    Its a pity that those poor folks have to stay so away from their home.