These are people you don’t know and god, you seriously hope that you will never have to know them. But these people affect you in ways that you wish you could catch them by the scruff of their neck and bang their foreheads against the nearest wall. (No, I just don't mean those scum who would stoop to levels worse than worms by bombing market squares, buses and trains and hope for martyrhood. No, those are fiends in human form they are not "people")

The people who top my hit (hate) list are :

-ones who pee on the roadside (in particular people who park their vehicles and do this, as if this is exactly why they came out driving. Guys, don’t you have a bathroom in your house or do you prefer to keep it as a show piece?)

-ones walking on footpaths with children letting the child walk on the side of vehicular traffic. (That is your OWN child isn’t it? Or did you just kidnap it and the ransom was refused?)

-ones who throw stones at street dogs without any provocation.

-Ones spitting on the roads, from buses and from autos. ( These I want to tie them to a pole in a public place and have everyone spit on them!)

-Qualis drivers using their horns more than their brakes and their brains. (These are already paying for their collective sins by having to drive on Bangalore roads many times every day. And yet they accumulate more bad Carma – I have no words for them!)

The list continues but these are the top 5.
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  1. MouliG Says:

    Totally agree with you. My last visit to Chennai (for Diwali last week), I saw something that I will never forget. There is one house in our neighbourhood whose compound wall is regularly used as a public lavatory!!
    These people after getting sufficiently irritated had painted some God pictures on the wall (and oh wait a minute, not just Hindu GOds, there was a cross and a green moon too .. just in case). And what did I see, three young men, each one proudly doing it on each of the religions. What *%$&^ ! I cannot think of a dirty enough expletive for these morons !

  2. Krish Says:

    There are those that do it with some glee and some who are forced to do it. In fact, while sanitation facilities are not good in the cities, it is even worse on the outskirts when what greets most visitors (by train) to a city in the early mornings is the sight of people's rears (sometimes women included who then hurry away in the middle of the act on a train approaching). I think the first priority of civic government is to build more of at least disposable "johns" at public places.

  3. MouliG Says:

    That is true thennavan. In that aspect, I think all other cities need to take Delhi as an example. Man, I have never seen so many public toilets in my life before. These toilets are in all road intersection corners and they also serve as revenue earners for the govt - the outside walls double as brightly lit advertising space.

  4. Usha Says:

    Hi, I understand the compulsions of people who do not have access to proper toilets - infact the whole lot of construction workers near my house have no access to toilets. Even after the closets have been installed in the houses they are building they are not allowed to use them.
    I feel angry to see these people who obviously have access to toilets and can drive down to the nearest pay and use toilet, and afford to pay - when you see them stop their vehicles at any place of theri choice, you want to scream at them. And one of them even justifies it by saying that you could contract diseases at these paid toilets because they are dirty but there is no such fear in doing it in the open!!!! Nothing short of a 100 rupee fine can deter these chaps!

  5. Paavai Says:

    You have company and support on this - I will join you and if need be also lead the efforts to bang people's heads on the wall or spit on them ...

    You may have this in the list - people who use the wash basin in restaurants and unmindful of people eating, clearing their throats, spitting - at times these characters even get close to throwing up with sound effects - yuck ...

  6. Shashi Iyer Says:

    its the " What's there" attitude that irks

  7. Swapnil Says:

    Sanitation is not very high priority in our culture. There is this nice little hill right next to where I stay in Pune. The day I landed i thought I would go for a walk up the hill every morning. But then found that its used as open air loo by half the population around. 7am: You see a guy walking up the hill with a bottle in his hand. 9am: you see the same guy riding a Bajaj Discover in front of your house. Its not as if the government is apathetic, its the people, they are just not bothered.