"In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?"
That is the question on my blogger profile. I think it requires a special kind of brain to think up these questions. From where do they get these? My three best guesses are:1. from some drunken teenage party game 2. from a questionnaire at a psychiatrist's clinic or 3. from some translation software ( which usually gives you completely grammatical but totally meaningless equivalent for what you fed in).
Now for the answer I had a choice between fact number 1 that I would not have a swim suit and fact no.2 that I do not know how to swim. While I was seriously considering these choices, the minor detail that I would have shown up to school naked completely escaped me.Yes, NAKED!
Apparently it is very common for people to have dreams in which they find themselves naked. A doctor friend explained that this kind of a dream signified one’s fear of being exposed and that it is a reflection of one’s vulnerability or shamefulness. Well, if any of you have actually had such a dream (not of your favourite actress or model showing up naked and I am told that is "perfectly normal" for males between 13 -100 ) but you yourself show up naked, you know the reason now. You have some “ia”, “ism” or “yxis”.
Whatever this fear is, I not only do not have it but I do not even have the fear of having it because I cannot remember most of my dreams and I never remember to have noticed any details of anyone's attire in the dreams.
I think things happen with great clarity only in the dream sequences in films. Real life dreams are less colourful and more suggestive like photo negatives. Of course I do know some people who describe dreams to the last detail including the accessories and the brand of perfume used. I have a vague suspicion that these people just have a vivid imagination that fills up the details after they wake up.
Or I must be suffering from some kind of a dream blindness for I can never see faces or forms but just a vague impression of some incident occuring and I get a sense of the characters in the scene from the general drift of things.People flit in and out in cloudy caspery forms - wrong combination of people from all generations appear at all the wrong places with no sense of history or geography. It all sounds like the first day rehearsal for your college play where the script gets written after you start the rehearsal. With so much happening, the last thing I can be expected to notice is the colour coordination and the accessories of their costumes or even if they are wearing anything.Is this common or am I the exception? Do people really see dreams in great detail in technicolour complete with sound effects?
Anyways,next time any of you plan to show up in my dreams just walk in as you are as it would be a great shame to have all your finery wasted. However well dressed you are, my dreams are going to convert you into an image of the kind of bad light photographs that I take. So you can save all that trouble for those special people who can see all the details. As for my dreams dress code:strictly casual!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Talk abt dreams..
    I have a strange one...I fly like birds and you know what its not an isolated dream I have had this many times now. I can remember that experience of flying also (even the chill in your spine at very high altitude). It just keeps coming with different scenarios and situations.

    "In any case, next time any of you plan to show up in my dreams "

    aiyaiyoooo naan varala baa espcly after this post :P

    The post disappeared from comments so I posted it from the email!

  2. Usha Says:

    Aiyo eppidee vena varalaam dubukku. Kavalai padaama vaanga.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well being naked in my dreams is something that I have experienced many , many times. It is just too awful. It is a perfectly normal setting except for the fact that I am naked. Sometimes I am naked from the beginning, sometimes my clothes are ripped out by some sharp thing. I go around shrinking from people, while people insist on looking me up. I keep agonizing over the fact that were I just wearing my clothes everything would be allright. Finally I wake up only to realize it was a dream, and no, I have not attended college au naturel yet.
    The interesting thing is that, people have seen me in the buff, not only when I was young but also later, when I inadvertently left my door unlocked when changing. I was totally unembarassed at those moments. In fact I believe that it is perfectly fine to want to remain in your birthday suit, as I don't see animals trying to put on clothes.
    So the only reasonable explanation for my mortification in my dreams is a pyschological one. The exposure, I guess, alludes to my psyche being exposed. Needless to say I am a very private person and love guarding my thoughts from others. (Just take for example this baring of my soul, anonymously).
    So thank you for explaining what it might all be about.

  4. Usha Says:

    anon: Thanks for sharing your experience. But I am no psychologist / psychaitrist just a half-baked blogger. But the explanation was of course provided by a qualified doctor and hence has credentials.

    Dubukku: I came across this interesting information on dreams of flying:
    Many dreamers have described the ability to fly in their dreams as an exhilarating, joyful, and liberating experience.
    If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.

    so unnal mudiyum thambi!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    haiii this is definitely interesting to read romba danks for posting this here :) most of my flying will be in a chasing sequence. I will chasing someone or vice versa :)

    And here in London very often too many people voluteer to dress down for some art shows/ photo shoot at Harrods etc. Recently they walked down nude in one bridge for a photo shoot. Everyone participating defnlty say that is very relaxing for body and soul.

  6. Deeps Says:

    I have had dreams where I've been naked too. They suddenly start off with me totally naked on some street/roof top/etc. And I run around hiding myself {shudders}. Until sometime, I thought I was the only one having such dreams, that was until I read some article about it.

    As for other dreams, I remember most part of any dream. I even wrote a post about that recently here :).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I am always falling down in dreams - from somewhere high high up i think it is the sky and then it is a free fall _ i an feel my heart pounding against my chest and sweating and then I wake up with a start - drenched in sweat but relieved to have landed safely on my very own bed!
    I cannot remember if I am dressed or naked in this dream - does it matter when I could be dying!!

  8. I have always had a recurring dream: I am writing an exam. The time is almost up but my pen refuses to move.

    Of late another dream: the paper is all set to go to print but I am stuck with my report. My fingers refuse to type.

    And another dream, which usually occurs when my body is part-awake and my mind still asleep: I am flying high, up above the skyscrapers.

    I don't remember seeing myself naked in dreams; but I certainly (day)dream of seeing a few people naked.

  9. Usha Says:

    Exam dreams are another common type of dreams.
    Check out: apparently.
    As for the daydreaming, well as i said if you are male in the age group of 13 -100, it is perfectly normal!!

  10. Pradeep Nair Says:

    A very interesting read. One of the recurring dreams that I have is a train journey. It's the same sequence that comes up again and again. I can remember just a few seconds of that, and vague, as you said, making it very difficult for me to describe. Hopefully next time, I will try to "see" it carefully! But what does repeated dreams of a train journey signify?

  11. Usha Says:

    Ahem , I think I am planning to wite a FRAUD's Interpretation of dreams and price it at Rs 200!!:)

    This is what I found about journey dreams:
    To dream that you are going on a journey, signifies profits, self-discovery or progress. The scenery you see in your journey is telling of your feelings and circumstances you may be currently experiencing.

    To dream that your friends go on a journey, signifies delightful and welcomed change and harmony.
    You can find interesting information @

  12. LOL am like you, my dreams are like faded fotographs too.I sometimes even see people whom I do not know, but i know it is them.

    Am looking forward to FRAUD's Interpretation... LOL

  13. Usha Says:

    Ya now after all this madness with ash marrying trees and all that I can see how lucrative the superstition trade is _ I think I should start the Fraud's interpretation soon.
    Tell me your dreams.

  14. One dream that I have on and off is of me driving along a seashore and then the waves come closer and closer at times almost oblivating the road, almost think I'll drown, but I never do...
    The seashores are sometimes the same, sometimes vary...

    During one of my visits to my hometown close to the Malabar coast, we had to take a detour and go a long winding way cos there was some block in the usual route. We had to pass by the seaside, and suddenly I recognised the seaside of one of my dreams. I can't tell you how that made me feel..! Made me wonder if in my previous birth I had lived on that shore, what had happened...

  15. Usha Says:

    JLT: May be you have been there as a child and carry the memory inside you?

  16. :-( how very prosaic an explanation! Was expecting an interpretation from Fraud ;-)
    But you know what you could be right- the area in question was my Dad's hometown