Outside a "fun" school for kids I saw a board saying they took kids in for
Play school,pre school, nursery,L.Kg and senior Kg. Now is this how many levels that kids go through before entering std.1? so when exactly do they start - right on the day they are discharged from the maternity ward?There was also something on the same board about "young achievers" in the age group of 5 to 10. So the pressure to "achieve" starts from that level!!
That same evening,while waiting for asha and company before the Indian ocean & strings show at IIM, amboj and I did receive a lot of curious glances from the 20 something crowd waiting impatiently to get in.
But the best part came at security check point. Amboj opened her bag to reveal the contents when she saw asha's being checked but the supervisor quickly walked over,stopped her and asked her and me to pass. We heard her scold the younger security, "don't stop the senior citizens!!" yeah, that is us!!
So you start your race of life , the "achievement" path sometime around 2 plus when you have bladder control and can speak . And at 45, when you stop running because you suddenly realise ther IS no race, you are a senior citizen.
When does one actually have fun??
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  1. !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Swapnil Says:

    Me said "Age is on my side" to Asha.
    She says "I definitely have more of it on my side."

  3. Now-a-days, i guess, schooling is not much fun but a lot of work. in india, kids either study or watch television for most of their much for the fun they are having!

  4. Pradeep Nair Says:

    How true!! But sometimes I feel (in a philosophical mood) that it's up to us "have the fun"... Fun doesn't come to us on a platter... And the most successful person (a kid or anyone) is the one who can discover the fun (and may be happiness) in anything.... (Too heavy uh?!!)

  5. WhatsInAName Says:

    Isnt it obvious :)
    Before 2 and after 45 !!!

  6. Usha Says:

    WIN: That true . I have had so much fun since I turned 40, I wonder why I did not do that before. heheh