Accompanied Vaish on an important mission before the class last saturday - changing the water and food for Kitkit, Anita's cat as she was away doing Tsunami relief work at chennai. Both of us were nervous to say the least as we hadn't the tiniest clue about cat behaviour. On top of it Anita had warned that kitkit waits behind the door when she hears it being opened and charges out as soon as it is. The last thing we wanted was to lose her cat as we were pretty sure we would never know how to coax her back if she decided to charge out. So we opened the door ever so gently like two thieves and entered the apartment with our hearts going thud thud thud. No sign of a cat....I lay flat on the floor in each room and turned my head around looking for something like a stuffed toy....Nothing.....Sniffed around...couldn't smell a thing...Finally I sat in one corner and started chanting what I thought was cat language "....psss...pssss...kitkit...kitkit...where are you..pss.pss.." And it worked....There was a plaintive "meeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaoooowwww" and it was not particularly friendly...perhaps my pronounciation was so awful that she decided to protest ( happens all the time in French class!!!)
Then a tiny white thing peeped from behind the fridge assessing my philistine self. I was shaking as I obvioulsy smelt of Amigo who was all over me just 15 minutes earlier and Saba. Fortunately Kitkit just concluded that I was too weak to confront and slowly marched past me while fixing her gaze on me as i withdrew more and more into the wall...and I called out to Vaish that she had emerged.Vaish was so excited that she did the most sacrilegeous thing: she said, " nice puppy.. where are you?" yes,she actually said "puppy" and that was it!! Kitkit decided to hide herself from us for ever and never said another word or came out until we finally left after changing her food and water. I bet she later complained to Anita about her taste in friends!!!
God, we were miserable and shaky for people who communicate with dogs so effortlessly. Thanks to the hype that cat lovers do about the superiority of cats, we felt like slum dwellers looking at people from page 3. And the worst part it, cats seem to believe it too.....god, wonder which paper they read....

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."

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  1. Pradeep Nair Says:

    Not bad! ... A good adventure....!
    I am a cat lover! I have two at home.

  2. S! Says:

    Very droll, I do not like cats either. The word 'catty' is just so maliceful, isn't it?


  3. Usha Says:

    Pradeep you are lucky to be owned by 2 cats - no cat ever gave me so much as a second look.
    "You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, becausecats find humans useful domestic animals."--George Mikes. ...
    Souvik, I have nothing against cats - in fact it seems the other way round. They avoid me.

  4. For a dog lover, Usha, you are Really Nice!!

  5. Anita Says:

    haha! i had a good time laughing over this! interestingly, i had a dog growing up and i didn't have a clue about them. till this little thing landed on my doorstep a few years ago. i had no option but to take her in. and she's been with me ever since. i think most of our dislike/indifference towards cats stems from the large amount of myth/stories around them. in reality, as i found out, they are really hassle-free and low maintenance creatures to live with. and once you know her, she's a real doll. she's actually pretty scared of people since she hasn't met too many of them growing up!

    but anyway, enough about cats, i must thank both of you for visiting her while i was away! kit kit send a kiss to both of you. next time she promises to be friendlier :)

  6. LOL.. I agree.. cat lovers do behave as if dog lovers are nothing.. and probably so do the pets :)...been thru it myself too..

  7. Great post! couldnt stop laughing. I personally am very uncomfortable around cats. I never know what to say to them. Unlike dogs, who are so lovable.

  8. Oh dear, can understand that the kitten was scandalised by the 'nice puppy'!!! Lol Lol Lol Poor Vaish! Total sacrilege!Heights of insult!Abominable abuse! I'm just talking for Kitty here.
    But yup, I'm not a kitty person either. While I love ALL animals, there's nothing like a dog for me.

  9. Usha Says:

    JLT: and KitKit is no ordinary cat - she is totally proud of her heritage. But she kn ows I am a dog person and refuses to give me so much as a second look!