-opening your eyes in the middle of the night and be startled to find moonlight flooding your room
- finding the first bud on your flowering bush
- first drops of rain on your face
-holding a puppy in your hand while it licks all over your face.
-sitting at home on a wintry afternoon listening to old film melodies, with a dog contentedly curled at your foot
- mails from friends
- gurgling laughter of infants
- silence
-sitting on a rock with a book wetting your feet in the flowing river.
- pulling down the contents of your shelf and sitting among the memories.
- smell of antique furniture
-sleeping on crisp sheets and pillow cases smelling of surf excel and sun
- watching a little girl say: "Mimi, aapka chehla mele liye lucky hai"
10 Responses
  1. *Sigh*...Your post painted lovely pictures in my head! :)

  2. WAP4 Says:

    Love the comment about surf excel and sun. True. Substitute it with any good smelling soap powder. But the feeling is exquisite.

    Last one was very cute :)


  3. S! Says:

    Not even a mention of tea!

    You let me down, lieutenant, let me down with a thud.


  4. Usha Says:

    Haha ..vaish, why sigh, you can do all of them - 'cept perhaps the afternoon indulgence!!!

    ya mouli, have you seen that add for pears - the cutest little girl and the sweetest little line - aapka chehla mele liye...

    Souvik,, that falls under the category of "peace is... or Nirvana is..."this is just Happiness captain!

  5. S! Says:

    Err......well, yes. Hadn't thought of that.

    long live the queen & the like!


  6. Goodness! More Tea Lovers! :) Yayyy!
    We should meet up at Infinitea sometime!

  7. S! Says:

    “Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”
    - Oscar Wilde

  8. Hmmmm! Lovely- the images created in my mind. Esp loved the pup licks (only a dog lover would, all the rest would go YUCK) and the pulling the shelf down. Funny how anybody else (esp your 3 yr old) doing that would make you raise Cain... But when you put it your way, yup it does lead to happy musings

  9. WhatsInAName Says:

    :( I want to enjoy all these... Oh My dear God, when will I retire?

  10. Usha Says:

    JLT: I think the whole joy in pulling the shelf down is the complete letting go - of the sense of order, and just let yourself amid your memories. Puppy licks _ I kmow what you mean, I have seen people rushing to wash themselves with dettol.

    WIN: I am sure you have your own set of happy moments NOW - come let us start listing them. Remember that unexpected holiday when you got to lie in late and did not have to worry about getting ready for office, and then...