- Seasonal / corporate gifts such as table-clocks cum calculator cum what not, table lamps, torch lights, pens, sandal wood show pieces, brass artefacts
- sandalwood garlands
- comments about whether you have lost or gained weight
- indifference of friends
- harsh and angry words and unsmiling faces

Things people give you anyway and you have no idea what to do with afterwards!
2 Responses
  1. Swapnil Says:

    Like the way you did not title it "Few things I hate"

    I have a tendency to put on. And mom tells me that I look thinner every time she sees me. Every time. Till I actually lost around 10 kgs. She came down, set up my kitchen and fed me till I thought I would blow up.

  2. S! Says:

    Do not quite recall where I read this, but someone said "The opposite of love is not hatred, its indifference."