What is it about some people that even your "first" meeting doesn't seem "the first"?
How is it with some people you can remain silent for hours and still feel completely at ease ?
How is it that you say the rudest thing to someone and when you are in trouble you don't think twice about calling them?
Why is it that it does not seem like a favour when some people do so many kind things for you?
How come you can say "love me or leave me" to some people and be pretty sure they wont leave you in spite of all your tantrums?
What is it about some people that you are not flustered when they walk into the house when it is looking like a post earthquake debris?

What would the world be without friends?
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Usha, very nicely written and true too. You said in very few words to have one and be one like that.

  2. Bhakti Says:

    Hello! I just came across Your blog. and thought that i should read them up when You started blogging Yourself.
    Well why am i commenting on this particular post? Wondering??
    This is because, that i have just gotten to know someone and it just doesnt feel that I have gotten to know him now.It actually feels really loong since i have known him. Though we havent met in person, i guess the silence will be enjoyed only then.