My friend asha wrote this in one of her blogs (
"Does the landscape we inhabit enter our characters, define the people we become? Does the landscape we inhabit enter our characters, define the people we become? Do mountain people know patience, and the humbling truth that you cannot control everything? Do forest people know courage, that buds break forth from ravaged trees? Do farmers know waiting, that there are things that you cannot hurry? Do river people know change, that you "step and not step into the same river"?
And in what way does the city enter us? Would we have been different people if we lived by an ocean and knew the endless comings and goings of the tide, the quietness of moonlight on water? "
Mountains challenge me with their cold impersonality, their mystic silence. They have seen it all. There is stillness all around. You may go to the mountain with your quests and find your own answers. Mountains seek not to understand nor care to be understood.With the mountains you are alone, at peace with yourself perhaps but alone. Even in a crowd, you are alone. You seek your answers within yourself. Life in the mountain is with reference to oneself.
With the sea near you, you are never alone. It is never silent. Sea is like a friend reaching out, playful and beckoning. Whoever lived by the sea was allowed to pass by without feeling its gentle touch on the feet? Even the person who attempts to stay from the water is swept suddenly by that one unsuspecting wave that comes rushing and sweeps his feet. Then it tempts you with samples of its treasures and draws you deeper to look for more wonders. Even the lone sailor in mid sea knows he is among life. Sea sustains, nourishes, comforts,shares, teaches and stays in the background like a mother with outstretched arms waiting for you should you need reassurance.
I would like to believe I am a sea person.
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