Bangalore Metro was inaugurated on Oct 20, 2011. The first VIP ride with Union Minister Kamalnath, the state's chief Minister and several other important people was reported in all the local newspapers. An equally historic trip was made today by probably the last resident of Bangalore to ride the metro which went unnoticed by the media. You being the lucky people who read this blog are the only ones to hear all about it.
Unlike all those people who have taken the ride before for mundane reasons like commuting to work, I had a very exciting reason for the ride: to travel to Indiranagar Adyar Ananda Bhavan to eat Ghee Masala Dosa! Both the dosa and the ride did not disappoint. Here are some pictures:

Very clean stations, polite and helpful staff, very alert security who wont let you within two feet of the rails ( after that stupid boy who fell on the tracks a month ago), clear announcements. Makes me wonder why we can't have the same in our railway stations.
Best of all, bangalore still look beautiful from that level, and NO TRAFFIC SNARLS!
Any Bangaloreans still left without the metro experience, do try it. You don't need a reason. The pleasure of the experience is reason enough.
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  1. R's Mom Says:

    Wow..this looks awesome...I hope and pray the Mumbai metro is ready in the next 10 years!!!

  2. Delhi and NCR Metro is the same - clean, organised and efficient :) I have seen people choosing metro over all other modes of transport here, including driver driven cars.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just much is the fare?
    Looks amazing!

  4. Hey this brings the first time I took the ride on Namma metro last November. It was a similar expereience as yours. Read

    It shares my first hand experience on the metro.

  5. radha Says:

    I always wonder how the Indian public keep the metro stations clean. Why can't they do that everywhere. Is it the obvious clean surroundings that do the trick?

  6. Reema Says:

    I too havent taken a ride on metro yet! must try it soon!

  7. Artnavy Says:

    You were in Inagar and did not drop in!! sad hai ji.

    Next time i will at least join u for dosa


  8. Usha Says:

    R's Mom: it is awesome. I too hope that the rest of the metro lines become operative soon in namma bengaluru.

    IHM:Only trouble is that they haven't arranged for parking facilities near all the stations. This is a deterrent for a lot of people who want to use the metro. imagine having to endure the auto drivers from the metro station back home.

    anon: it was Rs. 12 from M.G.Rd to Indiranagar. If you have a pre paid card it is Rs. 10.

    Ashwini: will check your post.

    Radha: Apathy, what else? Cleanliness doesn't seem to be a habit here. You have to enforce it.

    Reema: Do try. the experience is worth the effort.

    Artnavy: was with a friend and was expected back within an hour. Next time for sure. :)

  9. cfp123 Says:

    This is really interesting…

  10. dipali Says:

    This looks smashing! Enjoy!

  11. Hip Grandma Says:

    Can't believe that a train could be so empty. Is the price of tickets high? i think I shud try this when I visit Bengalooru next.

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