It has been a while since this blog got anything by way of an award and so it was a great surprise when R's mom chose me in her list of awardees. Thank you.

I like the condition attached to accepting this award which is that I should state 7 facts about myself which I need to share. I remember that we used to have quite a few tags like this in the early years of blogging which actually let us know a bit more about the bloggers than what we gathered from their posts. Above all this came at a time when I didn't seem to find anything to blog about. So whether these facts about me or interesting or not, it would keep the blog breathing for a few days.
So 7 facts huh, let's see:

1. I have a constant fear of failing which manifests in the form of dreams where I am either prepared for the wrong subject, or I lose my hall ticket or I simply arrive at the hall when the exam is about to be over.

2. It makes me very uncomfortable when people have high expectations about me. I feel very pressured and the consequent stress kills me. I went through the whole of my bachelors' and post-graduate degree courses trying to meet the expectations of my professors which made me a wreck most of the time.

3.I do not respect people who do not contribute their bit as part of a team or in the house. I cannot stand lazy people, smart shirkers and passive consumers.

4. For me, meals with friends and family is about the company and conversation and least about the food. Most often I don't remember what I ate.

5.What I find most attractive in a person is their sense of humor, knowledge of their subject and the ability to speak well.

6. I find it tiring to have long phone conversations. After 5 minutes I get exhausted.

7.I get very annoyed when there is no milk or curd in the house.

I don't know if the world has become marginally more informed now that these 7 facts are out in the open.But it was a good exercise for me to think up something I may not have blogged about already.

So now it is time to pass on the award to 7 other Kreativ bloggers:

Suranga ( I know you don't do tags but I have to include you here because you are among the top creative bloggers for the choice of subjects).
Jane Turley (absolutely out of this world for the way she writes her posts)
Hiphopgrandmom (for blogging on unusual topics)
Hillgrandmom ( her posts are usually short but very thought provoking and I love her photographs)
Pam and Phil (both very creative people and have a wonderful blog detailing their adventures in this past year in India. The subjects of Phil's photographs are totally unusual )
Maami How can we talk of creative bloggers and leave maami out? Her subjects and style are completely awesome.
Last but not the least our beloved writer Parul who can make you smile about just about any subject she chooses to write about.

There is no pressure to do the tag but please accept the award. But if you want to do the tag, you need to share 7 facts about yourselves and pass on the award to 7 other creative bloggers.
Thank you.
10 Responses
  1. Usha, you couldn't have chosen a worse time to tag me.:-) Blogadda is at the moment doing my interview in 2 parts and I must have written at least a thousand things about myself in response to their questions.

    But thank you for including me...and the very nice words !

  2. hillgrandmom Says:

    Thanks for the really nice words Usha. I'll do the tag since it's just 7 facts and not reams of stuff that has to be written. Waiting to see what Jane would have to say :-)

  3. R's Mom Says:

    You are an amazing writer, you know that right??? :)

  4. Parul Says:

    Thanks a bunch, Usha. I guess I have nothing new to report but totally accepting the award!

  5. diya Says:

    Hi Usha, now I have to hone my humour skills and brush up on my subject before I bump into you!! It was great talking to you this morning, actually I got so excited to see you photo and post in the paper that I couldn't stop myself calling you. Well I am back in the blog world now, thanks to you...have fun!

  6. maami Says:

    Oh, wow. Much thanks.
    I 'm quite undeserving I can tell you :-)

  7. Unknown Says:

    haha wondering what Jane's take on this will be . Jane dyou hear me ?

  8. Jane Turley Says:

    Ohhhh Thank You Usha! First of all, may I say contratulations on receiving this award yourself:)I'm constantly amazed by the variety of subjects you cover and how skillfully you write about them. The fact so many people come here is evidence of just how good you are, so whatever you do don't stop blogging!

    Thank you for my award too:)I'll save the acceptance speech for my place - I've always wanted to do a Hollywwod style one! Well..What a nice day I'm having today, a morning walk, an nice afternoon kip, an award..all I need now is to bump into Mr Brosnan and it'll be perrrrfect!

  9. Dear Usha - We are humbled, and will happily accept this award. Both Phil and I will come up with 3.5 things about ourselves that no one needs to know.

    You are a gem I'll miss our talks but we'll keep up with Indian through your blog.


  10. Hip Grandma Says:

    'I find it tiring to have long phone conversations. After 5 minutes I get exhausted.'

    Ha,ha! And if I remember right our last telephonic conversation - my monologue mostly - went on for about 20 minutes. Are you sure you did not sleep off mid way?

    Anyway, thanks for considering me worthy of the award. It comes at a time when i was seriously thinking of winding up my blog so may be i'll take it up and bore you guys for a while longer.