A few months back I wrote about a problem that was weighing down my legs literally and my battle with matters of the flesh, actually matters that were building my flesh. OK it has been four months since and I went for the review. I cheerfully explained to the doctor how I had fought temptation during these four months staying away from chocolates and chips and how I did not miss my daily walks and more importantly, my leg pain was a distant memory. Finally I had nothing to be ashamed of when he asked me to step on his torture instrument, the scale. What has weight to do with shame you ask? While I am not obsessed with being thin, it does feel a bit greedy and selfish when you know you are building up more fat layers than is required to keep you warm in weather like the one in Bangalore - I mean what with people living on just one meal (not even square, sometimes just a small circle of chappathi or a sphere of ragi or rice ball) in parts of this very country. And don't ask me how, but it does seem like you are somehow responsible for their deprivation.

Anyway, I stepped confidently and waited smugly for felicitations to gush out of the physician's mouth. Nothing. He went back to the table and started writing on my sheet and then went on a panegyric about my excellent blood pressure levels. But what about my weight - that for which I had made so many sacrifices- all through the diwali/christmas/ new year time, hadn't I abstained from sweets and cake and wine? And it must have helped that I was down with viral fever for a couple of weeks - people normally lose weight after these episodes, don't they? So this was the moment when my physician should be tell me how proud he was of me and pin that gold star on my file; and yet, here he was solemnly writing out the prescription. Something was wrong with the script or he didn't get it.
So I asked, "erm, what about my weight? aren't you happy?
He looked up and said 'yes, you should start doing something about it."
I looked at the sheet and there it was the number: 68.5!
4 months of torturing my flesh and all for 1.5 kg!How? what?I mean,how?

An article in the WSJ here speaks of incentives for weight loss by monetising it. The startegy involves contracting with someone to pay them a certain amount ( quite significant) if you did not lose specified kilos in a specified period. The obligation of payment is assumed to act as an incentive to lose weight.
Well, these people who came up with the theory don't know me. I would rather pay than be under compulsion to do anything. And in any case what do you do if you are blessed with a system like mine that won't metabolise a normal diet and stash it under my skin in layers. Starve? Move to Somalia?
I think I know what to do about this - NOTHING. yes, you heard that right, Nothing.I am going to embrace this figure (yea pun intended) and feel comfortable about it - apparently this is the comfortable body weight for me as I feel good, have no discomfort in any part of my system. I eat balanced and healthy meals. I go for my walks and can climb 5 flights of stairs without panting. So I guess the ideal is not for me and my body has its own standards. Like they say, 68 is the new 58 for me now. That is it, end of story.

I may never fit into chic clothing which I anyway don't fancy and may not look like the groom's sister at my son's engagement but guess what? When there is a famine, I will have reserves to last much longer than the lean and hungry types and that is what the game is all about - survival of the fattest!
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  1. Altoid Says:

    Heheheh! You go Usha. So long as its not obscenely unhealthy or detrimental, age and all the wisdom it brings adds layers across the body. That must be your story and stick with it!

    And they say wisdom glows, so you'll be the one shining like a star in those engagement photos!

    Alright, enough said.

  2. dipali Says:

    Survival of the fattest- I love that, Usha,I think I shall adopt it as my personal motto:)
    Also, they do say that muscle weighs more than fat, and since you've been walking quite a bit, your muscle tone must have improved. Weight is just a number,it iz ze health and spiritz zat matter.

  3. Aqua Says:

    congratulations on the engagement in the fambly.

    "survival of the fattest" LOL. anita will agree with y. she gets annoyed by too much weight watching.

  4. Hip Grandma Says:

    i share your agony with my weight fluctuating by just 2 kgs after 3 years of religious morning walk threatening to tip the scale higher at the slightest of slackness on my part.Can't help wanting to shed those tears but then tears don't cause weight loss do they?Serves me right for calling my best friend 'dunlopillo'.thank God she hasn't seen me recently.

  5. Look at the positive side (no pun intended :)). You have a great opportunity to start a weight-watcher clinic, and mint money, without paying a penny for a model in your ad campaigns :)

  6. Dhanya Says:

    haha Survival of fattest.. Think I should also take this mantra to heart :P

  7. Usha Says:

    altoid: thanks for the tips - and yes that is my storyline from now on.
    shining like a star huh - we will see if i can out do all the bald pates.

    dipali:go ahead - we will form a club. muscle tone - sounds great. try telling that to my old fashioned doctor. ze health and ze spirit - I agree, hic!

    aqua:thank you. Oh yes, anita and I had a long chat on the subject on the day we met telling each other we don't look fat at all and that what matters is to feel fit.:)

    padma:ya, if 2 kg is all the difference then why suffer so much I ask! someone else is your best friend? shall I sulk now?

    The RF: can't see any of my sides - it is all one nice circle. ha, it is the "after" models who cost a bomb. me, and making money - not in the same chapter.

    dhanya:absolutely and I am quite convinced about it.

    Indiff-loser: ;) right back at you.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    You are healthy and you feel good.. and thats what matters!

    survival of the fattest ..! YAY!! SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST!

    I love this!

  9. your son is engaged?! congratulations.

  10. Sumana Says:

    I know loosing weight is a little harder. After having my second, i am still wanting to get back to shape not for any cosmetics but for pure health. Am with you..

  11. Unknown Says:

    Your post was really funny! :)

    But on a serious note, if you really want to reduce weight, (I reduced about 8 kgs like this in 4 months and went from a 64 to 56!)
    I've found that cutting down the food drastically is very very hard. So you'll definitely have to start slow but go steady or you'll land up having cravings. Just reduce portions first, then switch one meal to a whole grain one and cut oil in half and so on.

    On the exercise front I find myself getting bored with 1-1.5 hrs at the gym at a stretch. Instead I break it up to - 20 min walks with friends during lunch hour (gives a much needed break from staring at my monitor!), a brisk eve walk with husband (which is also our "how was your day" type thingy) followed by a quick run on the elliptical when I get back (the walk serves as a warmup).
    I also believe that there is this theory that short 20 min workouts through the day are more effective than one really long one.

    Anyways - here's to staying healthy!

  12. Unknown Says:

    Err...just realised - didn't intend to sound all preachy or presumptuous. Sorry if my comment came across as such. Being a teenager - I was quite plump and felt so much better after I lost all those pounds. So am always jumping up to give weightloss "tips" to everyone.

  13. ~nm Says:

    Hahaha..what a take on this weight issue! Just loved reading it. You have given me new strength to just ignore the extra 3-4 Kgs that I've which just refuse to go away whether I eat chocolates or sweets or avoid them.

    So yes, another supporter for your motto "Survival of the fattest! Yay! Yay!"

  14. Mahadevan Says:

    You feel good, have no discomfort in any part of your system, you eat balanced and healthy meals, you go for your walks and can climb 5 flights of stairs without panting and yet why do you want to reduce weight?

    'Lean and hungry looking '- such men/women are dangerous, didn't Caezar warn us?

    Survival of the fattest -two cheers for the phrase.

  15. Hip Grandma Says:

    You don't yet qualify to be called a dunlopillo and this best friend was my class mate in college.Somehow she gave me the feeling that fat people are good humored too.So you cannot be fat and sulk at the same time.It is nearly 37 years since we met and who knows she may have lost weight while i gained it.When I was 40 kgs she was about 60 might be vice versa now.

  16. Unknown Says:

    Agree with you and Dipali - count me in too ! It don' matter as long as you have a spring in your feet babes ! Cheers !!1

  17. S! Says:

    Train for a marathon


  18. noon Says:

    OMG Usha - like Madmomma - I too want to focus on that one word - engaged?! Give us the scoop! Be a pal! :)
    Congratulations! So how does it feel - you are going to be a mother-in-law!

  19. noon Says:

    BTW - survival of the fattest - you shd send it to some American sitcom - it is bound to become a mantra and bumper sticker here!

  20. Lavs Says:

    A tag is waiting for you at my space:-)

  21. That's the spirit, who cares about doctor's scales :)

  22. WhatsInAName Says:

    I feel good after reading your review :)
    Survival of the fattest, it is :D and may it remain that ways!

  23. Wish the trouser/jean companies would sit up and take notice of your blog, Usha.
    I am surviving fitly/fatly, but am very miffed by my search for the perfect trouser, that will mould my fit/fat shape very well. Sigh!
    (I also wonder why ladies trousers are so often that awful slinky material?)
    Healthy is ze spirit! :-)

  24. Usha Says:

    veens:oh yes, survival of the fattest - I love it liberating!

    The MM: Thank you

    Sumana: And after 40, it is twice more difficult.

    Coffeerocks:Thank you. Loved your tips. will try them and let you know. And abt being preachy, not at all. Sound practical advice is always welcome.

    nm:Thank you. yes, just laught those pounds away. extra kgs? where? where? I don't see any? attitude.and hope they melt away if you ignore them.

    mahadevan:Oh I have no problem with my weight. did not even notice until my legs started protesting and my doctor started prescribing!

    Hipgran:yeah that is the injustice - people who were really fat as classmates have the most gorgeous figure when you have turned into a baloon! sob sob...

    Eve's lungs:hey we have a prez, a vice prez and sec for the club. Now let us start collecting chanda for membership and go for a sumptuous lunch!

    S!: what sound practical adv ice, captain. Just like you to come up with!!

    noon: heheh. no scoop. sorry to disappoint. They have known each other for a while - over 3 years. just for your ears, she is on my bloglist - guess which one!
    try marketing the slogan - let us split the loot!

    lavs: will do it soon.

    Nyphae:welcome.yes, doctor's scales should be banned!

    WIN::)always happy to cheer people up.
    JLT: really. let nus do a p[rotest march against discrimination!

  25. lol, hahahaaaaa, you go usha, the hell with deprivation, enjoy life and all it's tastes, just keep up the excercise part, walking, house work helps, and you will be fine.

    who loves a woman that is all skin and bones no substance at all.

  26. Jane Turley Says:

    Usha..having just read your blog I can safely say we have a lot in common..Do you have a secret stash of chocolate?!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    you are perfectly fine as i keep saying! if you feel fit and healthy, i don't anyone should tell you otherwise. i don't think anyone will ever be a 'perfect' weight. i know thin people who are NEVER happy - there's always that extra kilo that they want to lose! and the other point is that thin is not always fit and healthy either.

    after years and years, i have finally made peace with my fat :) and besides i've never understood how people can be so obsessed with their figures and who can't stop talking the same thing at any given opportunity - it's annoying!
    i don't want to turn into someone like that. i try not to constantly whine about it.

    i've tried climbing mountains, exercising, running and the whole deal but my weight remains constant :) i've figured out that there is no point being obsessed as long as i work towards being a healthy person - which i do most of the time. and besides i'd rather be obsessed about finishing a 10 km run than fitting into size S t-shirt. so i i think i've made peace now :)

    and going back to you, as i said, you hardly need to worry!