Sumana tagged me to say Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me. I thought I had done this some months ago but for some strange reason I cannot find the post. That may be taken as the first weird thing about me. I have distinct memories of certain events but I cannot for the life of me remember the details. The other day I met a friend from college who was recounting many funny and fun things we did and I had absolutely no recollections of those. It was like certain parts of my memory were dead. :(

2. I have mentioned my love for dusting, cleaning, mopping, washing in this space before. Think Danny Tanner from that television show "full House". He is my idea of a complete man - a man who finds it spiritually elevating to dust and clean has to be all good. Just imagine the possibilities on a romantic date - we could find the cleanest table ina dust free restaurant and discuss our favourite detergents and sprays! Even on trips abroad I love to shop in supermarkets for cleaning products, wipes and polishes. And those I cannot carry home I look at them lovingly and longingly. The day I found Mr Muscle in my supermarket, I grinned so much that my husband thought I had found my favourite perfume in the discount section.If ever I migrate to another country, this may be my top reason - the availability of a variety of cleaning products and equipment!

3. I do not cry at funerals - even of very dear ones. I feel very sad but I cannot cry with people around. But the instant I am alone I break down and cry in private for a long time.

4. I only know the left side of the road when I am driving. So when I come back on the same road I do not recognise it. So you can imagine my plight when roads become one way streets or they change routes. I feel I am in a new city.I keep going around the same streets in circles not knowing how to get out!

5. I enjoy humour, I love jokes but cannot tell a joke. I either laugh too much while narrating or forget the punchline or completely forget the joke midway making a joke of myself. I wrote a post about this handicap a while ago.

6. I have admirable self control in resisting sweets, fried snacks and chips until you force me to taste "just a little bit." And then I cannot stop until the entire exposed supply is finished. Now you know how my weight hit that awful number 70. It is all these loving friends trying to make me take "just a little bit" " for taste".

7. we do not realise some of our weirdness until someone points them out to us. On the last day in Delhi I was very hassled that I did not have an envelope to put the money I wanted to leave as a tip for the guest house caretaker. Somehow it seemed inappropriate to just press the note in his hand. My sister kept insisting that it was the same whether given in an envelope or openly but I was uncomfortable and we kept arguing and she finally said that she would do it. I still cannot understand why I was so fussy about the whole issue. I guess I am weird, that is why.

Now I have another pending tag -Eve's about 5 topics I wanted to blog about but could not/ did not and the why and wherefores of it. Now This one is difficult as I don't remember the beginning of my sentences by the time I reach their end. But I intend to sit down and make this list as it might serve as my to-do list for the future posts. very soon, Eve!
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  1. Hip Grandma Says:

    I shed tears at my brother's wedding along with his wife and priya was forced to hush me up much to her irritation and you are not able to cry at funerals with people around!We'd make a wonderful pair usha,duly complimenting each other.You cannot remember the road you took on your forward trip and I was not able to place an aquaintance whom I had always seen seated in a car when she appeared before me up and erect.your post had me giggling away.Iust remember not to do it in public.

  2. I love Danny Tanner too :)

  3. Savani Says:

    tagged, again!

  4. Choxbox Says:

    Me too - dont cry easily.

  5. Lekhni Says:

    I love the part about hunting for an envelope. I have hunted desperately for envelopes too, for christmas tips to doormen. I would be rushing to work, all the envelopes would go missing and I would desperately hunt for them and get late for work. Give the money sans envelope? No way :(

  6. Zahid Says:

    hah.,...forgttin jokes in the middle...and making a joke ofmyself...

    ilike them very sympathies with such people....Nicely completed a tag!!!

    chk me up..

  7. Chitra Says:

    Hey Usha, good one there. I too am weird at many things and have a thing for cleaning. I pick up mops and cleaning agents each time I go to a shop/mall.

  8. Lavs Says:

    Ushaji, you promised that you would tag me everytime you do a tag!!you forgot..baa boo boo....
    PS: I love Danny Tanner too but I cannot clean...i had wanted a husband like danny tanner so that both our wishes (of a clean home) become true. Sigh!

  9. Unknown Says:

    "I only know the left side of the road when I am driving. So when I come back on the same road I do not recognise it. So you can imagine my plight when roads become one way streets or they change routes. I feel I am in a new city.I keep going around the same streets in circles not knowing how to get out!" Mindless !!! OOf Split my sides laughing and my husband did too! I share that wit you - cannever tell a road from the other side - hilarious bit,that .

  10. Anonymous Says:

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  11. Preethi Says:

    You have a nice space here.. read some of your posts and liked them... and i loved full house too.. danny tanner is too good!! whenever i see his stand up act - as bob saget I cant forget the image of danny tanner and have to turn it off (if you have seen the act you will understand why, if not you will find it on HBO late night sometimes)

  12. Mahadevan Says:

    Some of your 'weird' behaviour is perfectly rational like looking for an evelope to put in what you wanted to give. It is crude to thrust currency notes in somebody's palm.

    Not crying in public and yet, without bottling emotions, to cry when alone, is a virue and is certainly not weird.

    I draw a mental map of the places I visit and I would not be satisfied unless, I am thorough with the routes and directions. This is one of the reasons, why I am a compulsive walker.

  13. Usha Says:

    Hipgran: Ya sometimes I break into tears along with some losing participant in a reality show - but then I'd have to be alone. That is hilarious the way you could not place the lady when she stood up! Luckily we have the sense of humor to laugh at ourselves. hehe

    COS: Oh really!

    Dotmom: will check it out.

    Choxbox:and they say women cry easily.

    Lekhni: Thank god I dont feel THAT weird now.

    Zahid: Thanks. will do.

    Chitra: Have you done the tag? Please do it. we'd like to hear about all weird things - makes us feel normal!

    Lavs: Oh I thought you had done it! Will make amends very soon.

    Eve:hahahha...ya, can't figure out why. Even where they drive on the right side of the road, I see only the left!

    Blogkut: will do

    Preethi; Welcome and thank you.

    ITW: will check it out.

    Mahadevan; That is an intereting weird habit. I feel comfortable exploring places by walking too. I recognise places better then.

  14. Unknown Says:

    Jeez Usha that was ages ago and you never did it ? I could kill you .

  15. Unknown Says:

    Usha - what was I smoking I wonder ? This post is dated November??!! Musta been half asleep .