once upon a time, to be precise last saturday, I was on my routine round to ensure all was ok in the garden and guess what I found? This beautiful pot broken at the mouth. I know I toppled it while chasing a mouse there behind that pot this morning but who broke it? Oh god, all circumstances point to me although I know I am innocent as I always am.

"I've got to do something real quick. Mom will come around soon and she will spot it immediately and I then I will be in deep trouble."

"The broken piece must be around somewhere here. I will have to find it and put it back before she sees it. Aha, gotcha!"

"OOps! No luck, that doesn't sit. and worse it has fallen inside the pot! Mom is here and I am as good as dead! A life cut short so soon. adieux!"

"Or may be, if I bury my head inside the pot she won't find me! If i can't see her, she can't see me either, can she?"

"Yay, That worked. She went away after calling me a joker! Now I need some rest.

Phew, that was indeed close. But as they say where I come from, all is well that ends well.

And all of you there, thanks for dropping by. Have a great day! Try stretching on the grass if possible.Don't worry. Be happy. That is the secret of my energy!"
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sweet post, Usha! Thanks for sharing.

  2. :) are a great way to tell a story, aren't they ??

  3. a smart act indeed!:)

  4. heh, your dog is funny.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    That's a nice post. Good to read such posts sometimes!

  6. Vaish Says:


    What a complete sweetheart!! :)

  7. Alapana Says:

    Hmmm,my sweet darling,dont worry,mom wont say anything the moment she sees your cure innocent face,even she tries saying something just drop a line to me,i will come and rescue you,Now let me also stretch besides you on that grass and enjoy the life;p

  8. cutest is the way he has buried his head in the pot

  9. usha Says:

    what came first..the photos or did he pose for the comments like all those brilliant doggies in the movies? lovely photo essay and sooo 'been there' for me...

  10. Pradeep Nair Says:

    Quite a different post and nice one indeed!

  11. Hip Grandma Says:

    Good pictures and great comments.i hope you were not too hard on her.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Munni is so expressive, Usha- she must be getting it from you:)

  13. Usha Says:

    Ravi: YOu can come and meet the heroine.

    Orchid:They are as I am discovering now.

    Anisha:Oh she is always upto something and very smart.

    Anu: She is a cartoon.


    Vaish: Munni sends her tailwags and licks.

    alapana: ha, the only thing she needed. Someone to support this little terrorist. Next time she gets out of hand she will be couriered to you.


    Usha:The photos came first and I had to quickly snap them while she was caught up with the pot. Otherwise she will never pose for a photo and tries to grab the camera.


    Hipgran:YOu and alapana, always taking her side and spoiling her. hmf...heheh, no, I started laughing.

    Dipali:Oh let me capture her "I am sorry" look and post it. Totally priceless.

  14. Lol Lol Lol! Totally cute, aint she? The poses remind one of Shakuntala and the water pot!

    She'll live to a ripe old age- I just enquired about her in a comment on one of your older posts.

    Munni looks the picture of relaxed abandonment in that sprawl on the grass. Give her a rub all over from me! Mmmmmmmah!

  15. Mahadevan Says:

    Stretching on the grass, dreaming about the morrow. A great message from Munni indeed.

  16. WhatsInAName Says:

    cho chweet!
    All said and done, now how do I get rid of this phobia for dogs

  17. Visithra Says:

    lol so cute

  18. Mónica Says:

    Superb! I loved it! :-)

  19. Rohit Says:

    That's quite sweet.. reminds me of the times when we had pets at home.. maybe you'll like this