As a five year old if he had been asked what he would have wanted to do on his 25th birthday, he would have said " I want to be in some cricketing nation like west Indies, preferably spending time with some cricketer." And that is precisely what Siddhartha was doing yesterday on his 25th birthday - spending the day in Antigua being driven around, treated to good food and taken to a few of the 365 beaches in the country - his escort was Winston Benjamin, ex-player on the W.Indies team. And Benjamin did not even know that it was his birthday!
Siddhartha is having a great time in the West Indies for the past fortnight and he is recording his impressions in the tour diary.
And then comes another birthday surprise. Another journalist from Midday, Sanjeev Samyal, is struck by the number of visitors who come to meet siddhartha and the calls he receives from cricket fans and he decides to make a news item of it thoroughly embarassing him. I invoke a mother's privelege to be shameless when it comes to bragging about her children and here I go:

Happy birthday Siddhu! Hope all your dreams come true in the years to come!!
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  1. Whoa! So totally awesome! :)
    Happy Birthday Siddhu! :)

  2. Harish Says:

    YOu have really good reason to be so proud of him! I am proud of him too!
    Happy Birthday, Siddhu!

  3. passerby55 Says:

    A very happy birthday to Siddhu..


  4. Visithra Says:

    awww thats so sweet ;) n yes u deserve bragging rights ;) heheh

    Happy Birthday Siddhu

  5. Ram Says:

    Worthy son of worthy parents! Wishing Sidhu all the best that life can offer for all his life. Cheers!

  6. Preethi Says:

    :) Thts so sweet...
    Happy Birthday to Sidhu...:)

  7. Usha Says:

    vaish, harry, passerby,visithra, Ram, Preethi:
    Thank you all.
    and ram, yes i shamelessly accept all those words about me too - talk of borrowed glory!!but hey, what the heck!

  8. ravi Says:
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  9. hari Says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Siddarth and congratulations to the elated mother of Siddarth too. After all the success of a son/daughter is the greatest compliment to a mother's effort.

  10. vsr Says:

    Parents will always be parents - whether it be a Primary 1 child standing first in class or be it a grown-up guy getting accolades (like Siddarth's case) - the pride of the parents is a joy to watch in itself. So feel proud about your child. I also think it would encourage him more, if at all he needs any.

  11. Mahadevan Says:

    After I wrote that piece on you, I received a mail from Siddharth which I cherish. If that one mail can give me so much thrill, I can imagine as a mother, how much elated, you must have been, with the achievements of Siddharth.

    While Siddharth will cover "World Cup" in a few months hence, his proud mother, in her exquisite style would continue to cover events around her.

    Cogratulations USHA and Siddharth.

  12. Wild Reeds Says:

    You must be so proud. Well *we* blogreaders know where he gets his writing talent from :-)
    Comgratulations Usha. And happy birthday Siddhu.

  13. Swapnil Says:

    :) Awesome!

  14. Usha Says:

    Ravi, Hari,Vsr,Mahadevan,wildreeds,swapnil:
    Thanks for the wishes and for the many kind words.
    It is all this overwhelming warmth and camaraderie in blogdom that makes one share ones joys and sorrows without inhibition.

  15. Mohan Says:

    A bit late...

    Congratulations to u Usha and to Siddharth too..:)

    And Happy Birthday to Siddhu..Hope u hav a truly exciting year ahead..

  16. Anonymous Says:

    heeyy is he May 24th? I was just looking for someone to fill the chain I know people from May 22nd to 27th and I am one in this chain too :)

    Belated B'day wishes Siddhu!!

    I am proud of Siddhu too( hehe yeah I know his Mom) :)