Happening Bengalooru - want to know the details?
Why are Bengalooruris so proud of the place?
Its history, architectural highlights, culture, customs, people - what do Bangaloreans have to say about it all - the raves and rants and preens,views, news, comments and opinions.
come and check it all out here

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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey nice one on bangaloreans!. What with the visual media making such a rucus about Bangalore (or bengalooru) and the best banglorean of the year and stuff like that 'namma ooru' is constantly the talk of the present day.I wish the new govt. wakes up to its real problems and does something to salvage the situation.until then....the transport and the traffic is at the mercy of ......?

  2. Shiv Says:

    Hey too much man..Me thinking of starting something for our very own chn..