When Vaish wrote about the things she'd miss about Bangalore in her post before leaving for the United States, I wondered what I'd miss about Bangalore if I were in her place and came up with this list:

The way the vegetable vendor or the greens (Soppu) seller who comes to the doorstep effortlessly calls me "akka" (sister).(Never mind he cheats me on the weight.)

The affection with which the old lady who sells flowers outside the temple gives me 6 inches of strung flowers free for my hair when I buy flowers for the deity.(This after complaining how expensive flowers have become and how she hardly makes any profit)

The anxiety with which a fellow driver on the street draws your attention with frantic honking to tell you your dupatta is caught in the door or one of the doors is not shut properly.

And then the way people listen carefully to you when you ask for directions, ask you to fill in the missing details and then tell you "sariyagi gothilla. sorry."

The way they would admit "gothilla" ( i don't know ) with humility rather than misguide you on anything.

The smell of avrekaalu and sampige flowers.

And of course i'd miss a part of my soul which I'd have left behind in this city if I'd ever have to leave it.
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  1. God! I miss stuff like that so much!! I think the whole "You have a good day now!!" thing out here is so fake! Yeah right!

    I like the way I get a big smile with my change when I buy KharaBuns at Iyengar Bakery. And the little nod and smile the man at the North Karnataka Store gives me when I tell him "Akki Rotti Chennagitthu!". So genuine.

    Gosh, I miss all that SO much!!

    Loved your post, Usha! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey really nice usually tends to take so many things for granted, that you realise its' importance only after its gone...

    Found your blog in some blog list.


  3. Deeps Says:

    I know! I know! I know! I miss Bangalore a lot. The Major part is missing my parents and brother ofcourse. Some others are:

    * I miss all the Kannada everywhere. Here everyone talks obviously in English. Though its fun to talk in Kannada, because nobody understands, I would so love to be in a Kannada land.

    * The neighbours I had and the gossip we'd have each day we used to walk together ;-).

    * The bhelpuri wala's smile each time I have chat (I have been eating at this cart in Jayanagar 4th block since my childhood!) :).

    * The traffic and potholes :-D. Yeah I've heard people complain about it, but I actually miss maneuvering the traffic and potholes on my Kinetic.

    I miss so many things, that probably I could write a post on it {sigh} :(

  4. Bijesh Says:

    b'lore is the only place I've actually thought of as home and i've been here only 3+ years. To me this place is magical. I don't really know what it is about b'lore that keeps me here. Whatever it is, it is pretty strong.

  5. Usha Says:

    Ya, the spirit of a place is in these ordinary day to day gestures and in the small things and not in the big malls. When people say Bangalore is great for its weather I keep thinking "you are wrong. it is great for the warmth of the chennamas and the yellappas who ask you every time 'enamma , coffee ayitha'..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ysuch a shame that I have never been to Bangalore. I am longing for that day. Probly during my next India visit I will...

  7. Usha Says:

    Banni banni kanditha barabeku!
    But visitors may not get to notice these finer aspects - you've got to live here for a while.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you mean. As they say, you can take a guy out of Bangalore but never Bangalore out of a guy! Kanditha return barthini, ondu dina! :)