Went to chennai for 4 days with lots of excitement and anticipation but ended up with an intestinal infection and a ruined trip. The only good memory of the trip was the onward flight.
Kingfisher airlines was great - from the time you reach the departure gate at the airport, they take over. A valet in a red plastic coat takes charge of your luggage till you receive your boarding pass - the staff in charge of boarding are courteous and smiley ( a little too smiley).The aircrafts are spacious and sparkling clean. The seat belt metal straps have cute kingfishers embossed and I love their signature tune (remember the kingfisher ads? what is it called - carribean calypso??). Inflight entertainment consists of radio channels with a choice of rock, western pop, indipop, hindi film songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's and ghazals. I usually "feel" among the clouds when i listen to some of these 80s Kishore songs but it was something else to listen to them being among clouds. Alternatively you could watch the position of your plane in the sky on the video monitor in front of you. Mr.Vijay Mallya appears on screen to welcome you and thank your custom and discuss his expansion plans with you!! The inflight magazine gives you a glimpse of the life of the glitterati and the stuff they can afford and sport. The food is good- oh yes, they serve food on short flights too! For breakfast,they served a burger filled with mayonaise and boiled veggies and a delicious cupcake and a tetrapack juice. After you have deplaned, men in red jacket help you at the luggage carousel and come with you to your transport.All this at a low price of 1650!I think their claim that you can fly like a king without having to pay like one is not too exaggerated.
Try it before it goes the way of the other airlines.
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  1. Vijay Mallya deserves a Bharat Ratna. Without him, Indian education system will collapse in a day! You don't believe me? I dare you, I double dare you, go check any IIT dorm on a Saturday night!!!

    I genuinely think, he would make a very good Prime Minister because -- booze, prono and hooker unite everyone, well, most of everyone, or most of the people -- and he has booze, plenty of it!

  2. Sorry for a typo: "prono" should read as "porno", as in "pornography".

  3. Usha Says:

    Hi ponk, I am not sure if Mallya would make a good P.m and if making everyone happy is what a p.m is suposed to do in a democracy. But that man certainly knows his business well and like a good party animal he gives you what he thinks you need without cutting corners. After all, he is the self proclaimed king of good times- what say?

  4. MouliG Says:

    Hi Usha:

    Yes. It is me mouli :=).
    KF airlines is that good eh.
    I may be taking it to Chennai from Delhi in Dec/Jan. Thanks for the good review :)
    By the way check out my new blog.