There is something poetic about small things that happen spontaneusly and many times for no reason at all.
Yesterday amboj and I were having a small chat at the junction where we had to turn into our roads after our evening walk. Two kids of the construction workers, aged 2 and 4 were on their way somewhere. The little one had just a shirt on, he was almost covered in construction dirt , no slippers and in his hand he had a long piece of woven green cocnut leaves that looked like a narrow mat – one of those little things for the amusement of kids that these earthy people are so resourceful to make.
Amboj and I stood about two feet apart from each other – a space that adults learn to respect as belonging temporarily to the individuals that created it.But for these kids from their height of one and half and two and half feet, it was just space enough for them to pass through. Those pair of legs and the space in between were all discrete without any connection.We were amused to see them between us and suddenly the little one stepped on amboj’s foot. He was either attracted by the yellow lines on her new black sandals or he thought it was an insect to be crushed or he was attracted to the lovely whiteness of her feet or there was no reason at all. And then he walked on as if nothing had happened – no consciousness at all of having done anything strange.A spontaneous translation of his feeling into immediate action untarnished by social , historic or economic thought conditioning.
It took a full 15 seconds for us to grasp what happened and then we both burst into laughter.
That second had the spontaneity of a little child that suddenly plants a kiss on a mother’s cheek or an unexpected wave that washes your feet and quickly runs away.
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  1. :) :) :) :) :)!

  2. Swapnil Says:

    3 year old unofficial Pelican spotting guide at Kokrebelur, when asked why he needed money says "Don’t I have to buy pencils, (you idiot)". "You idiot" was implied in the tone.
    All the kids around needed pencils, somehow. No pants, I dont care but I need pencils.

  3. Nice. Very nice! And nice title too!

  4. That post left a very nice feeling. Almost as if I felt the stamp of those dusty little feet. Children will be children ...

  5. Usha Says:

    JLT:I still remember that moment whenever I see that guy. he is 3 years older now! But the spontaneity and beauty of that moment was just awesome