Hear this : last month they have launched a new service designed to send emails out to your loved (or loathed) ones after you die is a service where you can leave "love messages, words of appreciation and encouragement" to those they care about after their demise. Three-year membership of the service costs $9.99.
and i always thought once we were dead, we became part of the universal forces and stopped feeling love, hatred and the whole lot!! it seems i was mistaken, as seems most people want to leave these even after their death.otherwise why would they start a service as above?
If we do have feelings and thoughts for people in our lives why not share them when we are alive? I am sure life would be much better that way than when we keep hiding them from those around us. On the other hand if they are feelings not worthy of being displayed during our life time why should we even bother about them after we are dead?
Unless of course you are part of a top secret group and you have sworn not to reveal information which you want people to know after your death for the sake of saving the earth....wish I knew something like that!
aneways, all ye nice people who read my blogs, I want you to know you mean a lot to me and Thanks for being a part of my life!!
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